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Philip Scorza's Points of Interest | Newhall in the 1960s, with John Boston

Uploaded 01/01/1995

Newhall in the 1960s, with John Boston

Philip Scorza’s Points of Interest: Newhall in the 1960s, with John Boston

Circa 1995-1996


(c)1995/2015 Philip Scorza | SCVTV
1 Comment for Philip Scorza's Points of Interest: Newhall in the 1960s, with John Boston
  1. Loren Elmore Loren Elmore says:

    Thanks John I like the film, but you had the wrong location for our A&W! It was across second st. Where the Gas Station is now! Our A&W on Sierra hwy. is still there ( it’s a boat repair shop now) and where you were, was the Valuzat oil depot where they bought junk jeeps and repaired them. I always knew ( Loretta Petters) as Leslie. Why is that? The old A&W was moved to a vacant lot on Walnut just off NHA about three doors down from the little Catholic Church that there now. That was to accommodate the widening of San Fernando rd. the state took our A&W, our drive through dairy and gas pumps, and our Bar-B-Q Bills, AND I WANT MY TRAYS AND MUGS BACK! Or I’m telling!

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