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City of Santa Clarita | Strong Cities, Strong State

Uploaded 12/15/2011

Strong Cities, Strong State

City of Santa Clarita: Strong Cities | Strong State

With Rick Chambers | December 15, 2011


[City of Santa Clarita] — To commemorate its 24th anniversary of cityhood, the City of Santa Clarita celebrates the launch of an online profile that is part of a statewide effort to bring awareness to California’s strongest communities.

As part of the ongoing “Strong Cities Strong State” campaign highlighting local government success stories, the City of Santa Clarita’s profile is accessible at

“Since the City’s incorporation on December 15, 1987, Santa Clarita has celebrated 24 years of accomplishments benefiting our tight-knit community of 177,000 residents,” City Manager Ken Pulskamp said. “Our City is proud to share Santa Clarita’s values, philosophy and successes in building and maintaining a high quality of life for our community with all city residents throughout the state of California.”

Highlights from the City of Santa Clarita’s profile include:

— Open and non-bureaucratic government that keeps the public informed.
— Most business friendly with no business license tax, no utility user tax and friendly, helpful City staff.
— A 100 percent track record for a balanced, on-time budget thanks to a business model that supports years of prudent, conservative fiscal management, always spending below its means and making sure never to allocate one-time funds for on-going needs.
— One of California’s safest cities with some of the lowest crime rate in the history of the Santa Clarita thanks to a collaborative approach to law enforcement.
— Superior quality of life with award-winning educational facilities, 60 miles of pristine trails, 22 well-appointed parks, coveted golf courses, impressive retail shopping, live music events, and a rich western heritage blend small-town charm with the sophistication of a larger urban center.
— Service excellence approach, which is a priority for the employees of the City of Santa Clarita.

The Strong Cities Strong State is a project sponsored by the League of California Cities and the California City Management Foundation (CCMF). The campaign is designed to promote the innovation and experience of local officials in delivering critical services at a time when this expertise is vitally needed by state leaders struggling with fundamental issues of governance.

The Strong Cities Strong State website is the centerpiece of a campaign broadly promoting city success stories alongside profiles of elected officials and city managers working together to build and maintain a high quality of life for California city residents. Profiles include photos, videos and other media articulating how each individual city has worked to provide essential services elevate the quality life enjoyed by its residents.

For additional information about the League’s Strong Cities Strong State Campaign, visit

(c)2011 City of Santa Clarita
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