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SCVTV Sports | Dustin Soto, Hart High School

Uploaded 09/28/2012

Dustin Soto, Hart High School

This week’s Wendy’s of Santa Clarita and SCVTV Student Athlete of the Week is senior Dustin Soto of Hart. Dustin carries a 4.34 GPA and scored a 2030 on the SAT. His career plans are clear, which also has a direct correlation on where he wants to go to college.

“As of right now I’m trying to get into the United States Naval Academy,” said Dustin, a tight end and defensive end on the Hart football team. “I’m looking to be a Marine.”

His best subjects are math and science, and therefore Dustin sees a future in engineering. All that will come after he serves his country, something he has wanted for several years.

“I’ve had family in the Marine Corps and I’m very proud at the way they look at it,” he said. “They walk around with their chest puffed out, so I want to be like that. I want to be one of the best out there, an officer in the Marine Corps and lead Marines.”

If Dustin can’t get the elusive appointment to the Naval Academy, he will still find a way to become a Marine after college. Whether it’s UCLA or the University of Virginia, his two and three schools, he will work to get a Naval ROTC scholarship and serve our country upon graduation.

“I’m a firm believer of hard work pays off,” Dustin said. “I think that if I do the hard work now it will be easier for me to get where I want to go and do what I want to do in my future. So I’d rather work hard now and have an easier path instead of having to work my way up (a more difficult path).”

Congratulations to Dustin Soto of Hart High School, the Wendy’s of Santa Clarita and SCVTV Student Athlete of the Week.

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