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Uploaded 09/16/2013


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September 16, 2013

Hosts: Alex Urbina and  Wendy Amara
Guests: Wendy, Owner of Vayu Yoga


In 1995, Alex Urbina began as a Transformational Life Coach, and then moved on to facilitating self improvement trainings for youth all across Southern California.
Alex is a powerful innovator of Teen trainings. He is masterful in being the interruption to behaviors that are not characteristic of a child’s maximum potential. The youth whom attend his trainings are taught how to reinvent themselves and their futures. Alex gained such notoriety; he has traveled as far as Asia to facilitate trainings.
The products of Alex Urbina’s life work are thousands of families whom have transformed their homes from experiences gained through his trainings.
Alex has trained several other people in how to move and inspire a room, which has generated several new businesses and non-profits.
All in all, Alex has followed his natural gifts for empowering and inspiring others to live a life of their choosing. His honorable pursuit of his passion continues to lead him into new ventures, where he can make a difference once again.

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