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It’s Windy.

It’s Windy.

Uploaded 10/05/2013

36 Comments for Photo Gallery: It’s Windy.
  1. Dina Caddy Dina Caddy says:

    OMG…how is that even possible. hahaha . That is something you don’t see everyday. Good pic

  2. This would be fine if it was on the 405 .. :-p bounce bounce

  3. Mark Joslin Mark Joslin says:

    What happened to the kids jumping on it?

  4. I wonder how it still looks plumb?

  5. Barbara Cast did you close my umbrella?

  6. This pic looks familiar. I lived on Wellston for 13 yrs.

  7. Erin Freeman Spring is this your trampoline ;-)

  8. Brian McGraw Brian McGraw says:

    Happened to my sister few years ago

  9. #richpeopleproblems

  10. Abe Pash Abe Pash says:

    My trampoline!

  11. Last night in Canyon Country, I saw a tree that was split in half by the wind. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture.

  12. How about a fre horse instead?

  13. post your “wind” photos here and we’ll add them to the photo gallery on (this photo gallery)

  14. Liz Marino Liz Marino says:

    Diego Marino… Watch out!

  15. It almost landed in me!

  16. Curb Alert! FREE Trampoline

  17. So so so funny. We have zero wind in Santa Barbara so it’s so weird to see photos like this and be only an hour and fifteen minutes away.

  18. There’s one on Plum too.

  19. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    Sorry I can’t stop laughing.

  20. Amy Kredo is this what you were talking about? Lol

  21. A flying unicorn? Did she get blown away from Origami?

  22. meanwhile in the SCV…

  23. Rd closed cops opened gate st sierra hwy so people can come home on this side

  24. In front of masters college power wires down and a huge tree!

  25. Scott Lynch Scott Lynch says:

    Happened around 10 or so this morning… The LASD (3 cars) tied it up… This could have caused a bad wreck. Crazy out there flying trampolines is just a small part… I Swear I saw a flying horse…. Unicorn maybe (kidding haha)

  26. bouquet approaching wellston dr

  27. The wrong way to dispose of a trampoline.

  28. Ok. I just looked. Ours is still there. What street is this?

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