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Phillip Scorza's Points of Interest | Homesteaders of Romero Canyon

Uploaded 10/29/2013

Homesteaders of Romero Canyon

Host Philip Scorza interviews Marylynn Butters and Dave Weston about the history of Romero Canyon in Castaic.

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2 Comments for Phillip Scorza's Points of Interest: Homesteaders of Romero Canyon
  1. Gerie Clay says:

    Thanks to your efforts special points of interests are captured forever!

  2. Debbie Kelly says:

    Hi Phil! Loved this price on the canyon! It would be nice to get the same in the Gilmours and Sloan!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I do believe we have met before ! I lived I. The canyon for 24 years and I am a real estate broker. I used to ride my horse on your property .

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