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Soledad Median Project

Soledad Median Project

Uploaded 11/13/2013

By: The City of Santa Clarita
Motorists driving down Soledad Canyon Road may have noticed improved medians on their daily commute.

13 Comments for Photo Gallery: Soledad Median Project
  1. Stacy Grover says:

    It’s all very fancy

  2. Seco Canyon they did the same thing. The center Divider used to be all Gravel on Blacktop. They ripped it out and planted Trees later on.

  3. Seco Canyon used to be all Gravel and Blacktop on the Center Divider. They ripped it all up and planted Trees later on. Yep.

  4. They are really nice plenty of trees and plants

  5. Brian Yelton says:

    Ya Jacquie Williams, let’s just stop spending money on everything and just put it towards education. Sounds like a great plan. /sarcasm

  6. Good work people! =D

  7. They do look great, but considering the state of the economy, couldn’t the funds have been used for something more beneficial….like education!

  8. Mitch Bower says:

    Would look much better if the got rid of the utility poles.

  9. They did a great job.

  10. What happened here Stace? This doesn’t look anything like when I saw it last. What are they doing here?

  11. Stacy Grover says:

    Yes, they are very shiney.

  12. It looks nice, too bad they built that ugly wall and those houses right there.

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