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Rancho Camulos: Apprentice Trainees Paint 1920 Adobe

Rancho Camulos: Apprentice Trainees Paint 1920 Adobe

Uploaded 11/23/2013

On-the-job training: After painting the ceiling and baseboards and prepping for the trim in October, students from the Los Angeles Painting & Finishing Contractors Association’s Labor-Management Training School returned Saturday to finish the job.

Destined to become the new Visitors Center for the nonprofit Rancho Camulos Museum (located just 10 miles west of I-5 on Highway 126), the 1920 adobe was the last structure erected by the Del Valle family before they sold the ranch in 1924 to August Rubel. (The Del Valles acquired it in 1839; the Rubels still own it.)

In concert with museum director Susan Falck, the painting project was organized by Allie Corey of Colors In View in Santa Clarita and Greg Quinn, executive director of LAPFCA. The students – who volunteered their time and talents to the effort – were overseen by Jesus Fernandez, Director of Apprenticeship Training, District Council 36. Most of the supplies were donated by the Sherwin-Williams Paint Store on Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita.

The LAPFCA is comprised of professional commercial, residential and industrial painting contractors who are signatory to the Southern California Painters and Allied Trades Master Labor Agreement. The school is based in the city of Commerce and has five satellite locations throughout Southern California. Once they complete a 3.5-year training program and seven apprentice periods, the trainees will graduate as journeymen.


4 Comments for Rancho Camulos: Rancho Camulos: Apprentice Trainees Paint 1920 Adobe
  1. Joe Charles Joe Charles says:

    Had my cousins wedding there.

  2. Joe Charles Joe Charles says:

    :D my grandmas family used to own that. The del valles I think

  3. Beth Stokes Beth Stokes says:

    Bruce Stokes! Rancho Camulos!!

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