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SCV NewsBreak | Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Uploaded 11/27/2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In this episode:
At their Tuesday meeting the Santa Clarita City Council directed city staff to install landscaping in the center of a roundabout currently under construction at the corner of Newhall Avenue, Fifth Street and Main Street; Black Friday is still two days away, but a line has already begun to form outside of the Best Buy on Bouquet Canyon Road.

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays of the year, but for those who are staying local, there are plenty of ways to celebrate in our valley with family and friends or help those less fortunate; And this Thanksgiving it’s a good time to watch some of your favorite high school football memories during the SCVTV High School Football Thanksgiving Marathon; Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights, starts Wednesday at sundown, commemorating the rededication of the temple after Syrian occupation in 165 B.C., according to Jewish tradition; local weather

If you’d rather party than shop Thanksgiving night, head over to the Vu Bar & Lounge in Newhall where beers are $1 during Thanksgiving Shenanigans; If you could use some laughs this weekend, check our JR’s Comedy Club at Marie Callender’s on the Old Road; And Saturday night at 10, catch the premiere broadcast of punkabilly ravers Hard Six on SCVTV’s House Blend.

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12 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Wednesday, November 27, 2013
  1. To each his own! Family time is 365 days a year. Too cold for me. If they open at 6. I’m sure they will have enough deals to go around. Home sweet home. Lol

  2. Calling something “pure stupidity” in Santa Clarita is akin to calling the beach “kinda sandy”.

  3. I agree with Tanya! I saw this myself tonight driving through the parking lot. You couldn’t pay me to do this. Nothing is worth missing holiday and family time. I’d rather pay regular price then sleep on the street. This is pure stupidity!!

  4. I saw that guy in line. Ivwonder whats the point if you cant afford it. During the rest of the year why take time off work and miss making money.

  5. To each his own. Oh wait, this is Santa Clarita. Land of the judgmental UGG boot clad brigade.

  6. Carole Hunt Carole Hunt says:

    Nothing is worth that. Stupid.

  7. Sandy Pida Sandy Pida says:

    They are not fun!!!! They are stupid and dumb and idiot…. Should the store not letting they camp on the front of the store for that early

  8. Sandy Pida Sandy Pida says:

    Rain come now rain push away to those people ha ha

  9. They are opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving day. So stupid.

  10. Tanya Parker Tanya Parker says:

    Honestly I can not imagine any material possession that’s worth it to miss time at home with family on thanksgiving

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