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This Week in Santa Clarita: Transit Service Improvements in Santa Clarita

Uploaded 12/15/2013

Transit Service Improvements in Santa Clarita

Commuters enjoy a new 282-space park and ride facility at the McBean Regional Transit Center in Santa Clarita

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3 Comments for This Week in Santa Clarita: Transit Service Improvements in Santa Clarita
  1. Hammad says:

    Gnome de Plume wrote:Now I am home, too. I had a panic attack for awlihe. Could NOT find my car key. It is one of those with the computer chip in it that locks and alarms the car. The car was locked and alarmed – not something I do at home – so I knew that the button had to have been pushed accidentally, which sometimes happens when it is in my pocket and I lean up against something. But all my pockets were empty! Maybe the key was in the car – I remember working with stuff in the back of it. Maybe I laid the key down, or it fell out? But I couldn’t see it in the car. Talked to the dealer. Because the car was alarmed, the only way to get it straightened out and to get it re-keyed would be to tow it to the Volvo dealer in either San Antonio or Austin!But then, as I was calling my parents to see if I could borrow a car from them, I happened to flip up the sofa cushions. There in the crack, with three dog bones and a dish towel and a ton of dirt was my key! It must have fallen out of my pocket when I sat down to watch some football and then one of my wee, little puppies mast have stood on it with his dainty paw and pushed the contraption down in the crack while setting the alarm button!Whew! Almost a catastrophe. So I just now finished my errands. Mr. Gnome got home just now, too. He is once again cleaning the kitchen prior to my cooking. All keyed up and no where to go? Hey, you get a clean kitchen to start with, what’s wrong with that?

  2. Ben Bivens says:

    We’ve built whole buildings in the over 10 month it took them to remodel a park and ride……what’s up with that?

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