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iSCV | Wakefield Court Winter Wonderland

Uploaded 12/20/2013

Wakefield Court Winter Wonderland

Video by Leland R. Thomas

Neighbors of Wakefield Court come together year after year to create the most elaborate light display you have ever seen. A double cul de sac street with 41 houses located in Saugus, CA. Located off Copper Hill and Courland between Seco Canyon Road and Haskell Canyon Road.

(c)2013 Leland R. Thomas | SCVTV
38 Comments for iSCV: Wakefield Court Winter Wonderland
  1. Joyce Cobb says:

    I am a mother of one of the residents, and I live in Kansas. I have been lucky to see the display, and can say it is one of the most extravagant light displays I have ever seen! My son’s family looks forward every year to the activities involved in creating the display. Wish I could see it this year – it’s been several years. I understand it grows each year! It’s really one of the best, and they are all fortunate to have a wonderful neighborhood to be a part of!

  2. I saw cooperhill and it was just like that wonderfull

  3. any information on the crash on sand canyon?

  4. Diana Wright Diana Wright says:

    Been there, done that. Beautiful!

  5. Kim Beck Kim Beck says:

    It’s amazing, I wish I lived on that street!

  6. Is this near Landon Place?

  7. I just went tonight to see Wakefield Court Winter Wonderland, it is awesome. Lots and lots of people driving through that neighborhood, Took us one hour to get in and out of there but it was worth the time.

  8. Sue Combs Sue Combs says:

    Wow!! I can imagine that is beautiful to see!!!

  9. Amy Wolf Amy Wolf says:

    Good job David Jensen! For those who haven’t seen this, it’s a must!!!

  10. It is an awesome sight to see in person!

  11. Dana Proctor Dana Proctor says:

    Well that is incredible!

  12. The best thing is to walk it if you can find parking.

  13. Used to drive by every year with the kids and friends.

  14. I think this is what your looking for Jessica Ramirez Martinez

  15. Lisa Markham Lisa Markham says:

    We miss doing this each year now that we are on the east coast. Such a great experience. Enjoy!

  16. It’s incredible…a must see!

  17. Adam Wolf Adam Wolf says:

    Good job David!!

  18. I go every year. We went this year and saw the new gingerbread house and the carousel. It was so cold however, and I was sick so we opted to drive rather than walk. What a treat it is for the kids and the adults alike. I’m so glad they do this in my community. I love living in the SCV and this is just one of the reasons.

  19. I like Santa Clarita !

  20. Tanya Parker Tanya Parker says:

    FYI park on agajanian off copper hill and walk, it’s totally worth it

  21. Woo Leland Thomas!

  22. Angel Olmedo Angel Olmedo says:

    I wanna go! It’ll be a first for my boys and I

  23. a must see…unlike any I’ve ever seen …makes my heart sing…

  24. Erin Bassett Erin Bassett says:

    Larayne Morris – off of Copperhill, turn on Courtland Way. There’s probably a long line of cars going in so you won’t miss it. ;)

  25. How do u get there, what r the cross streets. I’m coming from Newhall.

  26. It’s great place to take your kids. Ash court is also a good place to go.

  27. That house in particular made me cry! That gingerbread house is so beautiful! Everyone did a great job again this year!

  28. My daughters former teacher lives on that street. One of our favs to visit each year.

  29. Ive lived here 17 years and every year they have a display

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