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Newhall Roundabout Construction Reaches Final Phases

Newhall Roundabout Construction Reaches Final Phases

Uploaded 12/23/2013

By Austin Dave
The Newhall Roundabout construction project has reached its final stages with one month to go until it opens.
Landscapers took to the streets to add potted plants and trees to the area. Light standards have been installed as well as tiling for the sidewalks and crosswalks.
Most of the major work on the project was completed over the last several weeks.
The anticipated opening day is January 31.

13 Comments for Photo Gallery: Newhall Roundabout Construction Reaches Final Phases
  1. Mike says:

    This intersection is not comparable to the one in Castaic. My guess is that it will flow smoothly.

    It compliments the park and provides a needed entrance into Main St. Without an entrance the original project was only halfway completed.

  2. We have them in Colorado but being from Cali you guys wont grasp the concept well. Until people understand how to navigate them it will cause more congestion. When they are used right there are no accidents and free flowing traffic.

  3. Dennis Fuerst says:

    I would think that anyone who has difficulty negotiating a simple roundabout probably shouldn’t be driving on public streets.

  4. They put one in at the Haskel Cyn. off ramp. Didn’t know what to do. Am I supposed to stop then go in. What if the other guy doesn’t know what to do? I was so confused. People honking at me. I just didn’t trust it all.

  5. Dwayne Pine says:

    The only ones who think this was a good idea were the city council, thanks for wasting our $$$ mayor Waste,(Weste)..whatever

  6. Dwayne Pine says:

    Ya lets sit and count accidents

  7. Is the bench there for people to sit and watch the total cluster f#&@ that is inevitable?

  8. Megan Lee says:

    I plan to avoid it.

  9. Mary Haskell says:

    As usual it seems like the people that plan this stuff don’t use the roads in this town and have no idea what the traffic is actually like….why do they think these roundabouts are a good idea???? Arrrggggghhhh So frustrating

  10. Tanya Parker says:

    Everybody up your auto insurance coverage….

  11. Let’s hope it doesn’t rank up there with the city’s other traffic blunders: reducing Decoro to two lanes between Arroyo Seco Jr. High and McBean and the wrong way parking spaces in downtown Newhall.

  12. My thoughts exactly Sarah.

  13. Let’s see how many people get in fender benders in the first week; being from the East coast these are everywhere!

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