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Around Town | City Celebrates Golden Valley Bike Trail Completion

Uploaded 02/13/2014

City Celebrates Golden Valley Bike Trail Completion

It is now easier than ever to get from one end of the Santa Clarita valley to the other, without having to hop in your car.

City leaders celebrated the completion of the Golden Valley Bike trail extension Thursday morning under a large oak tree near the corner of Golden Valley Road and Centre Pointe Parkway.

It’s the final piece that links Interstate 5 to State Route 14 via designated bike trails.

The four mile extension connects the River Village community in Saugus to State Route 14.

“We have done exactly what we wanted to do as a community – tie the urban neighborhoods, where our families live …. to our non-urban Open Space ring around the city,” Mayor Laurene Weste said.

Santa Clarita is home to more than 70 miles of bike trails. To view to the city’s interactive trail map or download the app on your mobile device, visit

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1 Comment for Around Town: City Celebrates Golden Valley Bike Trail Completion
  1. Steve says:

    so how about a map, or link to the map so we know where the new trail is?

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