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Man Struck, Killed by Metrolink Train in Newhall

Man Struck, Killed by Metrolink Train in Newhall

Uploaded 02/18/2014

Photos: Austin Dave

[KHTS] – A man reportedly committed suicide by jumping in front of a mid-day Metrolink commuter train carrying 95 passengers.

The person, who was not identified by officials, reportedly committed suicide around 2:30 p.m. near Railroad Avenue and Market Street, in Newhall.

Homicide detectives are on scene and investigating the incident.

“Sadly, an individual did step onto our tracks this afternoon, the incident did result in a fatality,” said Scott Johnson, spokesman for Metrolink.

Homicide detectives will investigate any death that involves a vehicle or not suspected to be natural causes, according to a Sheriff’s Station officials.

Detectives have not made any statement regarding the circumstances of the death; however, it was initially reported as a suicide by deputies on scene.

“The train that was involved was northbound No. 209,” Johnson said. “The ultimate destination was going to be Via Princessa.”

“The incident occurred just south of our Newhall Station,” Johnson said, noting the train was about 10 miles from its destination.

“The incident occurred at a non-pedestrian area,” Johnson said. “There was no reason for that individual to be where the individual was.”

No additional details are being released at this time.

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies are handling the investigation.

“There were 95 passengers on the train,” Johnson said. “At this point, because of its proximity, two buses are en route to taken those passengers to their final destination (Newhall to Via Princessa).”

Metrolink service on routes 209 and 218 was suspended and riders were asked to check Twitter @MetroLink for updated information regarding when normal service might resume.



20 Comments for Photo Gallery: Man Struck, Killed by Metrolink Train in Newhall
  1. Rhonda Soria Rhonda Soria says:

    Soooo sad he felt that was the only way he was able to solve his problems RIP

  2. Sal Gonzalez Sal Gonzalez says:

    When you call out dumb asses they don’t have much to say

  3. Great pictures taken by Austin Dave. Done with class and respect.

  4. Silvie Faust says:

    I was on my way home from work and saw all the police cars very sad, praying for the family. May God grant him peace.

  5. Sal Gonzalez Sal Gonzalez says:

    Keith Dill and brain Brian McGraw stop being dicks ,when’s its your family let me know I have jokes too dicks

  6. Wow, a lot of insensitive people on here. Thoughts and prayers going out to the family.

  7. Brian McGraw Brian McGraw says:

    Good for him , 1 less person to put behind bars for murder for life

  8. Keith Dill Keith Dill says:

    He won’t do that again

  9. Robert Hill Robert Hill says:

    Those are some great photos! I cant believe how gory they were. Lisa, dont be a nerd. They were just pictures of a train and a few cop cars. No blood, no dents, no face impressions on the train. Good job SCVTV! Thank you for keeping me informed so I didnt get stuck in this mess (no point intended). My prayers go out to the family and the people who witnessed or were involved.

  10. My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends he left behind. Suicide touches so many lives with lasting sadness.

  11. Lisa Ficke Lisa Ficke says:

    Exceptionally unfortunate that people who weren’t already subjected to seeing it might be interested in looking at the link to photos.

    • I doubt people are being morbid. I think they want to know about the world around them. I saw the photos. It’s nothing gory or anything. And I’ve seen bad accidents before. I got a feel for what happened as I read the story.

    • The photographs told a story without showing graphic images. One photo had the body which was covered. The photographer seemed to respect the deceased and their family.

  12. Unfortunate for those that had to see that.

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