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2014 Celebrity Waiter Dinner

2014 Celebrity Waiter Dinner

Uploaded 02/22/2014

The largest fundraiser for the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center turned the Hyatt Regency Valencia into a television studio as locals donned costumes from their favorite television shows.

5 Comments for Photo Gallery: 2014 Celebrity Waiter Dinner
  1. Danise Davis Danise Davis says:

    The Soundwaves are such a fun band! I always enjoy their music. Thank you!!

  2. My band, The Soundwaves, played at this last night. We had a great time, check out the pics. I was for a good cause raising money for the Senior Citizens Center. The theme was Old Time TV, and we learned a bunch of theme songs from old TV shows. Thanks to whoever posted this from The Soundwaves

  3. You look fabulous!

  4. You look so cute Danise!

  5. Pflag Scv Pflag Scv says:

    This community is lucky to have good people doing good things for our senior center.

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