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SCV NewsBreak | SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Uploaded 04/16/2014

SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Santa Clarita teacher accused of inappropriately touching a student had charges against him dismissed in court Wednesday.

A Castaic woman accused of arson in a blaze that torched her own home is due back in court in June.

Concerts in the Park returns to Central Park in July.

The project has been in the works for nearly a decade, now Carousel Ranch has finally begun construction on a long-awaited covered arena.

A Santa Clarita Valley mother and education advocate is looking to unite parents seeking help with their children’s educational plan with an online-based community.

The “Yes I Can” students at Canyon High are in the home stretch getting everything set for the 11th annual Summer Meltdown Autism Awareness Arts & Music Festival.

Santa Clarita Valley Western music and culture fans are saddlin’ up for the 21st annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival.

Don’t miss legendary cowboy music trio New West, featuring Mike Fleming, Raul Reynoso and David Jackson, this Saturday night in an encore telecast and stream of a special edition of SCVTV’s “House Blend”


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46 Comments for SCV News Break: SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, April 16, 2014
  1. When I read the details of what happened on the playground and in the classroom, I was disturbed that this led to the teacher’s arrest under such an ambiguously worded law. This man’s reputation was ruined and the charge implied he was a sexual predator which led some people to jump to conclusions. I think the law needs to be rewritten. I would not like to go back to the days when molestation went unreported and unpunished. However, we need to make sure there is a strong case for prosecution before we ruin people’s reputations.

  2. I agree with Denise Crawford Penta. If my kid came to me with an issue, I’d address it directly with the teacher and school before automatically going to the police and media, and having Mr. A as a teacher for 9 years, I know he’d never doing anything to harm our kids. Some parents believe their kids can do no wrong, and will believe them no matter what. Kids will never learn to be accountable if we all took that approach.

  3. Elisa Marie Elisa Marie says:

    Well said Kelly Boardman

  4. Kat Garcia Kat Garcia says:

    my little sister goes to this school and he was currently one of her teachers. I’m glad the school supportered him by posting his bail and paying for attorneys…i hope he is able to continue working there as he seems to be loved very much by the Legacy community here in valencia. as a parent i would defend my kid and seek the truth, but given the fact that this child had already been kicked out of several schools in the area AND was new to legacy AND his parents are cops…yes reporting a false crime should be the next step here. this child needs a serious lesson taught to him by his parents. he needs to get it out of his head that his parents as cops will arrest anyone he doesn’t “like” shame on him, and shame on his parents for not looking into this further before arresting this poor teacher at his school and causing such an unnecessary scandal in our community!

  5. And on that, the pictures and media posted EVERYWHERE was pretty awful. (I blame media on that one…sorry)

  6. This whole story makes me sick. People were so fast to jump on the original accusation story and say horrible things about Mr. A. He wasn’t even convicted and people threw stones.

    …now that the table is turned everyone wants justice on the family.

    Yes, it was a child lying, and yes, his parents backed him up and pressed charges. I don’t think this makes it fully the parents fault though. As any of you parents know, you’d do anything for your child. And as us kids remember, in school……we exaggerated and lied…A lot. The kid has probably learned quite a lesson. In a dramatic way.

    I pray this wonderful teacher can get back to a point of full respect.

  7. Arif Halaby Arif Halaby says:

    It’s never about the child’s accusation. Accusations are made all the time. It’s the publicity and picture against a person who is ACCUSED. Investigations have to take there course. But when a name and a picture is used by the media, then an equal and opposite level of publicity on his innocence should be done. Problem-you can’t un-ring this bell

  8. Joe Daquino Joe Daquino says:

    Total attempted money grab by accuser/parent. Tchicaya, you nailed it!!

  9. America is a victim of its own greed. I bet you that was a parent trying to get some $. Go Mr Carl A. There is a God. The Parents spend time arguing and not paying attention to the children. Or Parents are not parents anymore. Let their children doing whatever and asking for teacher to the the bad guy.

  10. …And this is why I said, after seeing the initial accusations, I’d reserve my disgust until after a guilty verdict. I’m sick of the media trying people publicly.

  11. All responsible have to make amends and saying o my bad isnt enough

  12. Since its a minor…then parents/guardians are legally responsible…so that family should make it right. The school should assist in making it right. As well….the parents should publicly speak in this guys favor….if not they are crappy people.

  13. I have 4 children and if any of them came to me with an accusation like this of course I would go to the school and meet with the principal teacher etc….. I have also learned having 4 kids that there are two sides to every story and will always talk to the teacher before I believe every word my child says about how their teacher hates them is mean to only them and no other kids etc….. So I would have kept this between my family and the school!!!! Not the media before you know the facts!!!!

  14. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    Do you know how many lives this destroys lying. DO YOU KID OR NOT YOU DONT MAKE IT UP. it’s remotely sad at how fast most of the people on here when this first broke wanted him hung. :(

  15. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    That family should be sued period, for millions and he should be relieved of his duties as a police officer.

  16. You people are persecuting a child. A CHILD. Even if the child lied, he is a child, hasn’t even hit puberty yet, and you’re screaming for tar and feathers.

    If the teacher is indeed innocent and he had to endure all of this media stuff, it certainly would be a travesty, but at least he is a mature adult with sound decision making and coping skills. An ADULT. If the little boy(s) were yours, would YOU want people treating him this way???

    • Jennifer Griffin If a child falsely accused of you of a heinous crime that ruined your reputation and put immense stress on your family, do you honestly think you and your friends would respond with a “well i am an adult, I can suck it up because this was a kid that was the accuser and he just doesnt know any better?” Please think about that before you try to make it sound like we are trying to hang this kid. Vindication is the point, not vindictiveness.

  17. Elisa Marie Elisa Marie says:

    Though I know very little about this story aside from what I have read, I find it a bit unfair to chastise the child’s parent. If my son came to me, I would believe him! Wouldn’t we all back up our children and protect them? In the event my child was proven to have lied, I would obviously be embarrassed, angry, and saddened. As a parent, my son would be in a world of trouble and I would make him issue a public apology. From what I have heard, this child is troubled and obviously has issues. As a member of law enforcement, the accusers father’s line of work is irrelevant. He is a father first. I think we can all respect that. I hope this wrongly assused man can pick up the pieces and begin to move forward.

  18. Kent Dodson Kent Dodson says:

    His career is probably ruined!!

  19. Matt Ruffner Matt Ruffner says:

    If it was true the dad would be in front of cameras right now! He is a police officer. If it was true he would be drawing so much attention to it we would all be talking about that. But please pray for both family’s as both are making adjustments in the wake of this false accusation.

  20. The truth always comes out… glad he has been cleared!

  21. Michelle Lea Michelle Lea says:

    I feel really bad for him, why he lie is it because he was told he would be removed from class and sent to office if he keep disrupting the class? The kid or kids behind this should be punished for lying.

  22. The adults that reported it should have to publicly apologize!!!!!!

  23. So glad to see this publicized…

  24. Laura Temple Laura Temple says:

    I don’t buy it…
    like someone seemed to have!!!

  25. Thank you for posting this. It made me cry. It was so great getting to hug him today. Andrew was Hell-bent on being there. He LOVES Mr

  26. Sherie Chan Sherie Chan says:

    The accuser/parent is a member of law enforcement. He should be punished for falsely reporting a crime.

  27. His picture was on the front page of the newspaper! How does he ever undo the harm done to him?! It makes me sick to my stomach!

  28. I agree with Arif Halaby. Make the accusers pay.

  29. Arif Halaby Arif Halaby says:

    Whoever was behind this should have their picture posted-right on Lili..!

  30. Lili Cedano Lili Cedano says:

    I’d like to see a photo of the accusers (not child) all over s.c. See how they would like that!

  31. Kim says:

    A comment on the female newscaster (not sure of her name) pictured on the website in a pink dress. Every time I see her on TV (or in a photo) she is thrusting out her chest. It’s embarrassing. I would like for somebody to tell her that she’s a smart woman and doesn’t need to rely on her figure for success. – A Professional Woman in SCV

  32. Carole Hunt Carole Hunt says:

    I agree. Post their photo after conviction!!

  33. Arif Halaby Arif Halaby says:

    This is a great reason we should reconsider the release of the name of someone accused and NOT convicted. What a horrible thing to be accused of and not be guilty.

  34. Yea about his reputation!? Are the people that put him up to this erasing the past?

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