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Santa Clarita Valley Pacific Islander Festival

Santa Clarita Valley Pacific Islander Festival

Uploaded 05/10/2014

Photos by Megan Perez

Pacific Island Culture was celebrated at William S. Hart Regional Park in Newhall Saturday at the SCV Pacific Islander Festival.

Tyana Farrell, a company member and dance teacher at Kalakeke Pacific Island Dance Company said the festival aims to celebrate cultural diversity within Santa Clarita and promote the value of William S. Hart Regional Park.  “It’s our culture so we love to share it, it’s a part of us,”  she said.

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5 Comments for Photo Gallery: Santa Clarita Valley Pacific Islander Festival
  1. I want to see this one in Santa Clarita grow because I think there is a big enough crowd that would love to come to an event like this.

  2. Ok thx for the info. We always go to the one in Gardena in July. That one is huge but has been going on for over 25 years.

  3. Did anyone go to this? Looks like it was awesome.

    • Liza Tyra Liza Tyra says:

      for the very first festival, it was good. However, the sound needed to be checked before the festival started and not during the festival. More vendors would’ve been great, not much food choice, but like I said, it’s the first, I’d like to see it happen again next year

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