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Flutes Across the World

Flutes Across the World

Uploaded 05/21/2014

Photos provided by Kim Porter

All across the world underprivileged children will soon be receiving hand decorated flutes designed by third grade students at Leona Cox Community School.

The students in the K-12 Arts Education Program, hosted by College of the Canyons, decorated two flutes for the Flutes Across The World program, one flute to keep and one to give to another child in order to share music and teach children about different cultures.

Humanitarian, award-winning composer and artist educator John Zeretzke, visited with the students on May 9.

He will be hand delivering each flute to children in Haiti, El Salvador, the Philippines and possibly Native American students in South Dakota.

Zeretzke has led all of the organizations missions to help underprivileged children in different parts of the world.

“At the root of it all, its about giving and receiving hope, music and inspiration,” said Zeretzke. “It is an act of caring that helps us all to understand the meaning of compassion and empathy.”

3 Comments for Photo Gallery : Flutes Across the World
  1. She is definitely a great teacher. I have such great memories of my kids going to school there and I’m sure my husband has even greater memories as he also went there.

  2. Leslie Van Aalst Reasonover how awesome is this Jessica Allamani look our old school

  3. Gabby Renee Gabby Renee says:

    She is the best teacher ever!!! I was a Volunteer for her class, such a sweet and thoughtful lady <3 good job!!

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