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SCV NewsBreak | SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Uploaded 05/28/2014

SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Santa Clarita Community College District starts trial Monday in a case challenging an alleged California Voting Rights Act violation lawsuit.

California Senators sent a law to the Assembly Wednesday that would make it illegal for a school district to charter a school outside of its district boundaries.

Dozens of Northbridge residents came to City Hall to protest an AT&T cell tower during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Pizza Rev is open for business today, but the team will be hosting a grand opening Thursday which will serve as a fundraiser for the Castaic Animal Shelter.

The Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center in Castaic will open a new Passport Office this weekend.

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49 Comments for SCV News Break: SCV NewsBreak for Wednesday, May 28, 2014
  1. We need a Portos Bakery & cafe :)

  2. I totally thought we don’t need another pizza place, too. But then again, I haven’t eaten (aka supported) any of the new ones until the last 2 days. Yes, due to convenience, location, and deliciousness — I have eaten at PizzaRev. Just might do it again today to support them/the shelter. Thin, crispy crust rules!

  3. Pat Flanagan Pat Flanagan says:

    Looks good to me! Start packing this morning while waiting for my PC to be fixed and the dongles!

  4. We don’t need another pizza place!

  5. DL Thompson DL Thompson says:

    I wish I had known earlier

  6. Instead of “Awesometown” it should be called “Pizzatown”!

  7. Tammy Somers Tammy Somers says:

    fundraiser is only 5/29 11am to 10 pm. 24341 magic Mountain Parkway. River oaks shopping center near target

  8. Thank God! Another pizza restaurant in Santa Clarita!

  9. Toppers is the s***. Stop w the pizza places!

  10. Will they show support for the shelter more than once?

  11. Why don’t you put the address?????

  12. What is that 5 or 6 new pizza places opening this year?? I’m sorry my fellow Santa Claritians but after living here 20+ years there is not ONE restaurant I look forward to eating at! Sad statement…….sad!

  13. where is it? I will go to support the shelter

  14. Joey Turk whats this??

  15. Rachel Brown Rachel Brown says:

    They are next to Joann’s and Target

  16. Marco Garcia Marco Garcia says:

    25. Pieology (Newhall & Copper Hill)

  17. Marco Garcia Marco Garcia says:

    Yardhouse! However, that might get shut down as “Not family oriented”

  18. Costco pizza rules!

  19. I think a Krispy Kreme would be better than more Pizza!!

  20. Definitely need more variety out here besides more pizza. How about some good Greek food!

  21. I certainly wish them success and I’ll be sure to check them out, but I can’t imagine that enough demand exists to sustain the mass proliferation of new SCV pizza places in this already oversaturated market.
    Look what happened to all the self-serve froyo places that popped up like weeds all of a sudden a few years back. Only a few remain.

  22. good pizza… :-)

  23. Jay Romick Jay Romick says:

    They were at work today with coupons and menus

  24. BOBA?!!!!! NO? OKAY

  25. Cheesecake Factory is nasty. This place is ran by amazing people, local people! Give them a try, they are the one’s who started the “craft your own” pizza concept here in L.A. Anyway. *sigh*

    • Nasty?! Well, that’s your opinion. I’ve never had anything nasty at The Cheesecake Factory. We have too many pizza places out here, it’s ridiculous. I don’t get the appeal for another one….I don’t wish them to go under, but how about some variety?? At least TCF has a diverse menu and insane cheesecake.

    • Cheesecake Factory uses pre made, shipped in food that they reheat. All I am saying is that there are so many places out there in the big world where people are putting their heart and souls into REAL food. How about we get creative and ask that some more of those types of establishments open out here instead of the same old calorie packed and salt filled menus such as TCF. #trysomethingnew #eathealthy. #supportsmallbusiness

    • What I don’t understand is the obsession with The Cheesecake Factory. You know what would be cool?? a rollerskating rink! With Craft Pizza! someone take that idea and run with it! lol

  26. We don’t have that many pizza places… here are only a few that I can think of….
    1. Pizza Del Sardo
    2. Toppers Pizza
    3. Pizza Factory
    4. Guido’s Pizza & Pasta
    5. Chi Chi’s Pizza
    6. Numero Uno Pizza
    7. Big Mouth Pizza Co.
    8. Lamppost Pizza
    9. Tomato Joe’s Pizza Bakery
    10. Nick-n-Willy’s Pizza
    11. Mod Pizza
    12. Pizza Hut
    13. Ameci Pizza & Pasta
    14. Pizza Di Marco – Newhall
    15. 1Rainbow Fresh Pizza & Grill
    16. Vincenzo’s Pizza
    17. Oggi’s Pizza & Brewery
    18. Little Caesars Pizza
    19. Project Pie
    20. Mama Mia Pizza
    21. Z Pizza
    22. Dominos
    23. Roundtable Pizza
    24. CPK

  27. Missy Gentry Missy Gentry says:

    Cheesecake Factory and maybe a Rainforest Cafe would be nice to have here in town.

  28. Ridiculous, I will go to support the shelter however

  29. Monica Hark Monica Hark says:

    Are they over by Target?

  30. Enough with the pizza places please! How about pf changs or cheesecake factory if it has to be chain restaurants, there’s adults that live here too!!!!

  31. We will be there!

  32. Another pizza place? REALLY?? A Cheesecake Factory would be nice!

  33. Kyle James Kyle James says:

    Toppers for Life! — But, I fully support the Castaic Animal Shelter.

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