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SCV NewsBreak | SCV NewsBreak for Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Uploaded 06/03/2014

SCV NewsBreak for Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It’s election day. Polls will remain open until 8pm tonight. Results are expected to begin trickling in shortly after that and will be televised on SCVTV.

The Santa Clarita Community College District is heading to trial Wednesday over a lawsuit alleging a violation of the California Voting Rights Act.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon says there will be hearings in response to Saturday’s release of sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

One man is behind bars in connection to an attempted murder stabbing at a Newhall bar in April.

Magic Mountain will close down Colossus forever on August 16.

Applications are now being accepted for the Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade.

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110 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: SCV NewsBreak for Tuesday, June 3, 2014
  1. Grady Huber Grady Huber says:

    First Jay Leno, then Letterman, and now this! Such a bummer. May have to roll down there to roll on it before it’s too late

  2. Onjel
    Spinning Tea cups

  3. Onjel Wells Onjel Wells says:

    That thing looks great!!!! No wonder why we loved it so much!!! Remember when they used to run it backwards at night!!!!!

  4. Onjel Wells Onjel Wells says:

    What!!!! Are you trying to put in the grave early or something!!!! I don’t even think it’s safe for me to get in those spinning tea cups these days….

  5. Onjel Wells….
    Get yourself out here!! I know we’re old now but let’s have one last go round…. We could stay at the Hotel in case we get tired …. Recoup and go back in

  6. Onjel Wells Onjel Wells says:

    Deidre Dillard Bowen remember when it was new! Colossus. Wooden roller coaster, right?

  7. Onjel Wells Onjel Wells says:

    Deidre Dillard Bowen
    Seeing that roller coaster was like the beginning of the best dream ever coming to life! We knew we were for fun fun fun all day and night until the park closed and the put us out!

  8. How very sad … Sad and unnecessary~~

  9. How very sad … Sad and unnecessary~~

  10. Beth Sager Beth Sager says:

    It’s outdated and not safe it served its purpose be glad they are updating

  11. Carl Viereck Carl Viereck says:

    Out with the old in with the new

  12. Carol Ryan Carol Ryan says:

    Good things never last.

  13. Ok first of all, it’s possible that this ride will close permanently. However, it is also very possible to be refurbished by Rocky Mountain Construction. No other information was released about the closing of Colossus, so how can any of us directly assume that it will be shut down forever? According to your own source, Six Flags has NOT released any other information about the ride. It could be refurbished, and it could be shut down. None of us should even directly assume anything yet until more information is released.

  14. Bummer! I loved that ride.

  15. Candi Nicole now we really have to use those passes

  16. This was the first coaster I ever rode the first time I went to six flags. This saddens me because it was the day my dad and I did something together in over 4 years. Lots of great memories here.

  17. This is just heartbreaking. I may have just moved to Florida but I want my two little kids to go there one day and ride that ride! It was my first “big people ride”

  18. Marc Molina Marc Molina says:

    Sell it to a local park .

  19. Wow…thats crazy.

  20. Why? Because too old and falling apart?

  21. Gary Tarplee Gary Tarplee says:

    Wow. First roller coaster I ever rode.

  22. BOOOO!!!! So very sad! Why can’t anyone keep old things running? First the water ride and now this! Such a buzzkill!

  23. Meisha Cook Meisha Cook says:

    Love it. I never liked that roller coaster.

  24. I rode it the first day…I think I still have the button

  25. Sean Gannon Sean Gannon says:


  26. Doug Begines Doug Begines says:

    They can’t do that. I got stuck in that coaster going backwards on Halloween night for 45 minutes. You can’t ask for more then that. Someone start a petition.

  27. This coaster gave me whiplash. Soooo….

  28. Bree Mobley Bree Mobley says:

    Noo wayyyyy Imali Bandara Josie Biteng

  29. Waoo this roller coster it is so cool!! Pretty sad they will close it!!! :(

  30. This sucks I was raised riding that coaster and loved it going backwards at Halloween and now my kids won’t be able to grow up and ride it. This bites.

  31. Susi Veltri Susi Veltri says:

    Have lots of great memories on that one

  32. Doug Aultman Doug Aultman says:

    At least I got to ride it

  33. Awsome , let’s cut down all trees in town , remove all the history , over develop everything and turn scv into the valley , ohh home sweet home .

  34. I have a feeling there will be a huge protest over this. Thats like the best ride at magic mountain.

  35. So sad that I’m in the Marine Corps in Japan so I can’t ride it one last time :(

  36. So sad, first coaster I rode :(

  37. What a shame that was our first wooden coaster as kids. Those of us who grew up in Granada Hills this is a huge part of our childhood

  38. DL Thompson DL Thompson says:

    Bummer!!! I have seen it for (25 Yrs) Hate to see it go!

  39. I’m so disappointed in this decision!! :( this is a classic landmark of MM as well as SCV. AND also my favorite roller coaster!! It is a history landmark and also my first roller coaster ride j can remember to give me my first adrenalin rush!! :)

  40. Mike Tripp Mike Tripp says:

    Ultra SAD FACE!!!

  41. Dianna Frias Dianna Frias says:

    Wahhhh!! Really!! Nancy Dominguez

  42. Kenzi Limpus Kenzi Limpus says:

    I have to go if you go there that’s my fave theme park!! Emilie Young

  43. No that was my first ride there so sad to see it go

  44. Dianna Frias Omar Frias oh no we need to go!

  45. What????? Nooooo!!!!! So sad!!! :0(

  46. Kimberly Uy Kimberly Uy says:

    Katrina Andrea Uy

  47. Nooooo! We need to go one last time Jenny Pezda Naomi Tamrat

  48. Erika CalzadillasGrisel Hernandez

  49. Emilie Young Emilie Young says:

    Good thing we will be there in 2 weeks!

  50. Um closing down in August? So I we go on it tomorrow. …is it safe?

  51. Great plans for SFMM — LA will not be disappointed!

  52. Noooooooooooooooooooooo

  53. That’s like closing down the Matterhorn, it just can’t happen! If Colossus goes then, lots of people will stop going imo.

  54. Noel Quant Noel Quant says:

    That’s crazy

  55. Why? Nooooo!!!!

  56. Noooooo!!! Really? Graves family not liking this at all!!!

  57. Boo! That’s my favorite ride

  58. Alvina Wong Alvina Wong says:

    Chase Miller read this :(

  59. Chip Gamble Chip Gamble says:

    Maybe Jeff Buterbaugh or Amy Sparks can use their employee shares to vote this sad event down

    • Amy Sparks Amy Sparks says:

      It’s been in the works for years. The new norm is revamped wooden coasters! Rocky Mountain Construction steel Iron Horse track makeover like Texas Giant, Rattler, and Medusa on three other large Six Flags wooden coasters.

  60. Dominique Lanee Washington nooooo!!! Great remembers at Six Flag :(

  61. No! Thats not fair. Do something Chip Gamble we know u can. :)

  62. Chip Gamble Chip Gamble says:

    Colossus??? Gone??

  63. Kim Burkey Kim Burkey says:

    Sad.. soooo Sad.

  64. I talked to someone there and they said they are tearing it down completely.Maybe putting another one there? But,it won’t be the same

  65. E Liz Abeth E Liz Abeth says:

    One of my favorites

  66. Alex Alltop Alex Alltop says:

    As someone who currently works there… its being closed to referbish it.

  67. Stephany Mercado, Cynthia Davalos after hurricane harbor, we gotta go here before they close down the ride!!

  68. That’s good I don’t like this ride everytime I get off that ride I would end up with a headache

  69. Jason Govier Jason Govier says:

    I want a piece of the wood. Great memories.

  70. no it says FOREVER!!

  71. Got to ride after school one day before it opened to the public

  72. Devon Caddy Devon Caddy says:

    they aren’t closing it forever, they are refurbishing it

  73. That’s one of the old time greatest ride. I’m surprised its going bye bye

  74. Suprised they are still open that place sucks

  75. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    Booo on magic mnt close the doors next when those houses get built next to it. Just A matter of time

  76. :( Kelly Edler. So many memories!

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