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Uploaded 06/06/2014

California High Speed Rail

Santa Clarita residents got a chance to learn about the Palmdale to Los Angeles Section of the planned California High Speed Rail Project on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at Hart Hall in Newhall.

In this video Michelle Boehm, the Southern California Regional Director gives an overview of the project.

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7 Comments for Open House: California High Speed Rail
  1. Really…this is exactly what we should be spending money on right now!!??? This is plain stupid!

  2. Ed Halterman Ed Halterman says:

    Skid marks usually lead to spinning out of control and crashing. You can totally see this wreck coming…..

  3. Ryan Orona Ryan Orona says:

    Stop the Brown line. A skid mark of debt on the state of California.

  4. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    They fixed our water only to build 75000 new homes across the 5 freeway. Trust me your going to want to take the train when that gets built lol. It’s a smart to build that.

  5. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    I can’t wait for it to be built, it’s long over due. Also should bring back Scv to santa Paula, and make a Ventura beach stop.

  6. We the People are running out of patience. When will the insanity end? Maybe spend the money to improve something important, like, oh, our water supply chain?

  7. Can I berate the regional directer as to how stupid this train idea is?

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