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Inside Sports: June 12, 2014

Uploaded 06/13/2014

June 12, 2014

Valencia Vikings head boys basketball coach Rocket Collins has been relieved of his coaching duties; seven Santa Clarita baseball players drafted into pro ball; state track & field championship finalists from Santa Clarita

24 Comments for Inside Sports: June 12, 2014
  1. At least he will still be here as a campus supervisor.

  2. At least he will still be here as a campus supervisor.

  3. How sad for VHS!! I pray this head coach moves onto bigger and better things and VHS realizes their loss!!!

  4. yes dawn valenzuela

  5. Zacc Graves Christina Graves Is this Rocket Rocket?

  6. Mr Collins is the best! Sad news!

  7. Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

    Rocket is a role model PERIOD!!!!

  8. Irvin Burton Irvin Burton says:

    Too bad, he was a great guy to! Hopefully he’s moved on to bigger and better…

  9. No more rocket :o Melanie Miron

  10. Zoe Arroyo Zoe Arroyo says:

    Nooooooooo Rocket :( Rockets one of the best people I know.. Miss him <333

  11. What no he was do amazing

  12. Geez. Rocket has been there forever! I graduated in 98 when he was there. He is a great man. Thats a shame to let go of the good ones!

  13. Its the new principle… he doesnt know what he is loosing here…

  14. Oh wow, he had been there forever…

  15. I’m shocked, he is truly an amazing man and coach. What a poor reason to relieve him of this position. De Borah Alice LeoNilda Johnson

  16. Keep your head up,Uncle!You’re a winner!

  17. yea I heard about this last week- Sad Brett Aaron Davis

  18. Bree Shields Bree Shields says:

    Rocket was not only a great coach but an awesome friend we all made as students of Valencia High school. Him and his family have also been the sweetest to me and my family. So sad. I’m so thankful I was a student at Valencia and got to experience having Rocket around for all four years!

  19. Tawny Biggs Tawny Biggs says:

    Other high school coaches can sleep with players and still keep their jobs? Why is he being relieved?

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