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President Obama's Weekly Address | Workplace Policies

Uploaded 06/21/2014

Workplace Policies

“The President previewed the first-ever White House Summit on Working Families, where he will bring together business leaders and workers to discuss the challenges that working parents face every day and lift up solutions that are good for these families and American businesses.”

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9 Comments for President Obama's Weekly Address: Workplace Policies
  1. Kim Sloan Kim Sloan says:

    Really? This is so stupid, and his speech is ridiculous, a diversion from what his Muslim friends are doing in Iraq.

  2. we need fewer racists too

  3. Posting this to folks of the SCV is like throwing chum to a shark in a bathtub. Albeit an inbred shark, but still.

  4. Art Tom Art Tom says:

    We need fewer summits, fewer discussions, less interference in our lives, and more opportunity to succeed. Fix the unfair and overly complex tax code and reduce the size and scope of the Federal Govt. Give us more of our earned money back so we can spend it or save it as we decide is in our best interest. Let businesses compete and grow and hire new employees. Do your job and enforce the laws of the land.

  5. What the hell does he know about challenges working families face.

  6. Marc Deagon Marc Deagon says:

    I got an idea…how about paying one adult enough money so the other adult can stay home and raise their own kids.

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