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SCVParade.com | 2014 Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade

Uploaded 07/06/2014

2014 Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade
13 Comments for SCVParade.com: 2014 Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade
  1. Any idea about the stevenson ranch fireworks show? I saw a little camera in the air recording it.

  2. Thank you, SCVTV Santa Clarita. Can you please let us know when a direct link to the second half of the parade is available? We would like the opportunity to share it with our friends and fans, but we imagine we’ll lose a lot of follow-through if we try to explain to them to try to find the little arrow button at the bottom of the player, and so on. We appreciate your help! Thanks, again.

  3. Good morning! It looks like when I hit the fast forward button, the screen goes blank and nothing happens. I was in the parade, and I didn’t get a chance to watch it on TV over the weekend. The parade was a lot of fun, and I would really enjoy watching the whole thing, or even getting a copy of it. Thank you! :-)

  4. OK, sorry about that. Both halves are there now; you can use the fast-forward button to skip to the second half. Yes, we know it says “city council meeting” now. We’ll fix that in the morning. As it turns out, for now, it was either-or: Either it said “parade” and you only get the first half, or it says “city council meeting” and you get both halves. LOL

  5. Lisa Stacey Lisa Stacey says:

    Yup I was also looking for the last part also which isn’t there.

  6. Ty Reaber Ty Reaber says:

    I can only find the first half as well, is the 2nd half another video?

  7. Kim Ryan Kim Ryan says:

    SCVTV Santa Clarita – thanks. But, all that seems to be doing is replaying the same commercial, then after the commercials, it goes back to the default screen shot seen above.

  8. Kim, use the skip forward button located on the bottom left side of the video box to skip to the second half.

  9. Kim Ryan Kim Ryan says:

    It seems as though only the first half of the parade is available via this link. It only goes through around 1:03, and only proceeds through the first half of the entries. Will another link be posted with the second half of the parade? Thank you.

  10. Gail✨ Gail✨ says:

    It was a great parade!

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