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Summer’s a Bash in Canyon Country

Summer’s a Bash in Canyon Country

Uploaded 07/25/2014

The city of Santa Clarita put on its first -ever “Summer Bash” Friday night in Canyon Country, transforming Luther Drive into a family-friendly beach experience complete with a live rock n’ roll band, food trucks, fun activities – and 75 tons of sand.

The event also marked the culmination of the Santa Clarita Public Library system’s summer reading program, “Paws to Read.”


19 Comments for Summer Bash 2014: Summer’s a Bash in Canyon Country
  1. Food “trucks” is technically correct since there were more than one…

  2. Neil Wachs Neil Wachs says:

    Lots of fun!!!

  3. Neil Wachs Neil Wachs says:

    Laura’s Beauty Supply had fun!!!!

  4. More than two food trucks would be nice. Broaden the selection..

  5. Is it gonna be every friday

  6. Tory Miron Tory Miron says:

    Nena Marquez Ochwatt

  7. Tory Miron Tory Miron says:

    Yea we did. It was fun for James

  8. Lobster tacos were the highlight of the event. Love it!

  9. Tori Morales Tori Morales says:

    Aww I thought this was next Friday!!!

  10. Lynda Landry Bodo says:

    It was a little confined and only two food trucks that led to long lines but the band was great as was the overall atmosphere of the bash.
    Great for the local business’ as well.
    Let’s do it again!

    • Ginger Mac Doanld says:

      I thought it was Ruether not Luther and could not find any sign of it, came home checked the street and see I missed it?

  11. Hey Tory Miron did you guys go to this

  12. We loved that this was held in canyon country! Hope they do it again!

  13. Fatin Sako Fatin Sako says:

    I missed this. I didn’t see any advertisements for it!

  14. Loved the food trucks and music! Next year I am sure a bigger crowd will follow! Lobster rolls and tacos were really amazing!!!!

  15. I didn’t even know about it:-(

  16. Laurie Hale Laurie Hale says:

    It was fun. Would have liked to see more food trucks as the lines were super long for the two trucks there. Hope they do it again!

  17. Where was tornado potato? I was looking forward to that. Lobster tacos were superb!

  18. It was pretty awesome good support for the local community ^.^ more people should go

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