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Valencia Valley | Newhall School District Nearing End of Construction

Uploaded 08/08/2014

Newhall School District Nearing End of Construction

By Halie Cook
The Newhall School District is in the midst of completing Measure E-funded construction at two local elementary schools.

Permanent classrooms are replacing portable classrooms at Valencia Valley Elementary and Meadows Elementary. Construction is scheduled to wrap up this fall.

“Valencia Valley will be completed and children will be getting into the new rooms by Labor Day,” said Ronna Wolcott. “Meadows isn’t looking like it will be finished before October.”

Valencia Valley and Meadows both have similar plans to renovate the multipurpose room, complete the science lab and complete basic upgrades such as replacing lighting, heating and ventilation.

The project is running behind schedule due to unexpected challenges with the excavation pipe and sewage line – and that means children will not be immediately going in to new buildings when school resumes next week.

“Valencia Valley is about a month behind and Meadows is about two months behind,” said Wolcott. “It has been a bit of a challenge because of excavation area pipes and sewage pipes that didn’t show up on the plans, (and which) we had to reroute.”

Both projects are on budget with total costs for Valencia Valley being $7,155,285 and $5,653,737 for Meadows – all funded by the voter-approved $60 million bond measure.

In the future, the bond will fund upgrades to three more school sites and an auditorium.

The funding is sufficient to take down only half of the portable buildings, but officials are hopeful that future state bonds will pay for the rest of the renovation.

“We are only replacing half of the portables, and we have more we would like to do, but the state is not letting go of bonds right now,” said Wolcott. “We are hoping there will be more bonds on the ballot in November for other projects, but its all dependent on state funding.”

The next few weeks with determine a lot of future plans in the district.

“We are getting ready to submit more plans for approval in the next four to six weeks,” said Wolcott. “Peachland Elementary is our next school site.”


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  1. Jason Brice says:

    There is a term we use in construction safety: Housekeeping. This photo would be an example of poor housekeeping.

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