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Talkin' With Felicia | Soleil

Uploaded 08/13/2014


Episode 45

Guests: Singer/Songwriter Soleil

Taped: August 6, 2014

©2014 Felicia Sheppard | SCVTV
1 Comment for Talkin' With Felicia: Soleil
  1. Mary Sandoval says:

    As neighbors seeing Soleil growing up and blossom under her incredible parental guidance, we are thrilled to see the woman that she has become, and translated her life experiences to her music, with a passion to reach out to share with others through her music. God will grant her every blessing that she needs to move forward with her life’s mission. She has and has always been such a beautiful person, a reflection of her family. Don’t stop believin’ Soleil, keep the faith and we can’t wait for more!

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