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SCV NewsBreak | Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Uploaded 08/13/2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An armed female suspect who barricaded herself in a Castaic mobile home for nearly four hours Wednesday is in custody.

Longtime community leader, volunteer and visionary – Connie Worden Roberts died Tuesday in Canyon Country following a months long illness. She was 83.

Residents interested in volunteering for one of the many City of Santa Clarita events or programs are invited to view an orientation video now available online.

Santa Clarita Valley students are going back to school this week, so district officials are offering tips to parents and students who are new to the area or its public schools.

COC is offering students more classes than ever before this fall.

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19 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
  1. Again with the negative responses to someone who obviously suffers from mental illness……give it a rest already.

  2. Jayson Sou Jayson Sou says:

    Patricia Tang isn’t this Emily house?

  3. Jayson Sou Jayson Sou says:

    Patricia Tang isn’t this Emily house?

  4. Sarah Jean Sarah Jean says:

    Nathan de los Reyes I saw this happening when we drove

  5. This is a freaking tank or a military hummer. Seriously?

  6. Thank you LASD! Keep up the great work.

  7. This was Castaic. Not Stevenson Ranch. Yes she was armed. I know her very well. Very sad to see her like this. She suffers from a progressive mental illness. :-(

  8. Dan Hamrick Dan Hamrick says:

    Stevenson Ranch is Stevenson Ranch, CA. Not part of SCV at all. Just sayin’ lol

  9. Drove right by my house it was quite the morning

  10. Dori Carrillo guess where that’s at

  11. Santa Clarita is Santa Clarita. Divided into valencia. Saugus. Stevenson ranch. Etc… Not all the same place.

  12. I keep hearing conflicting stories…..was she armed or not?

  13. Soy Pleites Soy Pleites says:

    They should of called this Marine lol. SCV is not what it used too. I go twice to Afghanistan, come back to this? God Bless Murica’

  14. They are wide open. Shuttle services available even!

  15. Holy crap…they called in the military…who’s guarding the boarders?

  16. Look it’s Iraq I mean santa clarita’a finest lol

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