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Uploaded 08/31/2014

See Tracks, Think Train

It’s no contest. Every day people tempt fate and die trespassing on railroad tracks. When you see tracks, you should always think train.


[August 28, 2014] – There are 5,352 miles of railroad in California and 10,285 grade crossings. Last year there were 72 trespasser fatalities and 41 highway-rail crossing fatalities, all of which could have been avoided if trespassers and drivers were obeying the laws. California ranks #1 in the nation in both Trespassing and Grade Crossing Deaths. Last year in California there were a total of 146 highway grade-crossing incidents.

The majority of incidents happen with trains traveling less than 30 miles per hour and most people are not aware it takes the average freight train weighing as much as 6,000 tons, more than a mile to come to a stop.

California Operation Lifesaver (CAOL) is a nonprofit public safety organization committed to reducing the number of tragic incident at highway-rail grade crossing intersections and trespassing at railroad rights-of-way. CAOL provides free educational presentations to all age groups, including community groups, and various professions (law enforcement, first responders, bus driver, and professional drivers).

The top three Vehicle Code Sections most violated are:

22451(a). Vehicle/Pedestrian failing to stop for railroad crossing signal.

22451(b). Vehicle/Pedestrian walking around lowered railroad crossing arms.

22526(c). Anti-Gridlock, stopping on railroad grade crossing; undercarriage clearance.

For more information or to obtain the Law Enforcement Guide to Railroad Laws, you may contact your local law enforcement, the California Highway Patrol, or CAOL at (760) 688-0588.

Contained in the guide is a list of 14 vehicle code sections and 41 penal code sections relating to the railways, as well as an investigation checklist and train stopping procedures.

Refer to for more information.


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2 Comments for Operation Lifesaver: See Tracks, Think Train
  1. I’m pretty sure they are aware of that and if a train does travel at 30 miles per hour then most likely it was intentional that they did not just take a few steps to either the right or left.

  2. what????

    See tracks? Think train!!!

    Wow I always thought those were for space ships that needed the runway.

    Hmmmmm makes sense now.

    What in the world is going on.

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