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LA|NOW | Episode 216

Uploaded 09/20/2014

Episode 216

Motorcycle injuries and fatalities are on the rise throughout Los Angeles County. Learn about a new plan the Sheriff’s Department has put in place to help save lives in this episode of L.A. Now.

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8 Comments for L.A. Now: Episode 216
  1. Cell phones and texting. I have over 100,000 miles on my bike and virtually all the near misses were with a car and the driver texting or talking on a cell phone. Want to knock down accidents stop the texting.
    I’ll bet the 300% increase number is Directly proportional to the increase in texting.

  2. Jerry Ford Jerry Ford says:

    They could start by making it illegal to go between vehicles. Sometimes I wanna open my door soooo badly.

  3. I wonder about the statistics on motorcycle injuries. How many are single vehicle crashes; how many head ons; how many sideswipes, etc. It is so nerve wracking to drive LA freeways with motorcycles splitting lanes and driving faster than the traffic. Some squeeze through when there is very little room between cars. Maybe they need to pass a law that motorcycles need to allow 3 feet between them and a car.

  4. Shane Weeks Shane Weeks says:

    Education through enforcement is never as positive as education through out reach. Way to win over the hearts and minds of the community.

  5. Ed Halterman Ed Halterman says:

    I know of one yesterday that was caused by an inattentive car driver that almost got away.

  6. I know of two recent motorcycle accidents that were completely the fault of the car driver.

  7. Here’s the problem…while there are certainly reckless motorcyclists, the inattention of drivers has become epidemic. This program seems to target only one side of the problem. If the sheriff’s dept really wants to save more lives they need to crack down on bad drivers who use their cell phone while driving etc.

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