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SCV Arts & Entertainment | The Glenn Miller Orchestra is Coming to West Ranch High School

Uploaded 10/15/2014

The Glenn Miller Orchestra is Coming to West Ranch High School

By Gloria Locke

It’s time to swing into the season as West Ranch High School presents the Glenn Miller Orchestra on Thursday night. The event will bring the past to the present when nostalgia meets the next generation.

“There are not a lot of professional big bands out there anymore for various economic reasons, said Brian Leff, Director of Jazz Studies at West Ranch High School. “This big band brings the same energy, same excitement.”

The concert is a fundraiser to help bridge the gap between classroom and the arts to sustain equipment in the West Ranch High School music department.

Tickets start at just twenty dollars pre-sale and 25 dollars at the door. They’re available to purchase online at

“This concert is not only great for the community to see an outstanding event, it’s also a big fundraiser for our jazz program. In today’s tough economic times, the arts aren’t always funded as well as they could be. We have a great, very supportive principal and administrative staff that loves the arts,” Leff said.

Glenn Miller, the best-selling artist from 1939-1943, was a musician, arranger, composer, and bandleader in the swing era.  He was also enlisted in the army.  Although he was too old to be drafted, Miller chose to join the army at the peek of his musical career.  Miller was promoted to captain and then to major in 1944.  Captain Glenn Miller was transferred to the Army Air Force continuing to use music to entertain the Allied Forces in WWII throughout his military career.

On December 15, 1944, Miller was pronounced missing in action after his aircraft disappeared over the English Channel.  He was on his way to inspire the soldiers with music.

Thursday night’s concert resounds that expression of freedom when nostalgia meets the next generation. The event promises to be an education for some and entertainment for all while supporting arts in education.

“Glen Miller’s music has been very influential on my own music career.  I started listening to Jazz when I joined by jazz band in seventh grade. What we get out of this concert really keeps us going and allows us to provide great opportunities for he students for the rest of the year and future years,” Leff said.


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