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KHTS AM-1220 | Personal Growth and a New Style of Learning

Uploaded 10/20/2014

Personal Growth and a New Style of Learning

October 20, 2014


On today’s show, Host Alex Urbina sits and talks with SCVi Charter School facilitators about leadership and growing and becoming a well-rounded individual.

I believe that SCVi is not a school for everybody, Alex said. And I say that to not belittle anyone but it takes a strong child and even stronger family to make it work and every family can’t focus on that aspect.

There is a lot of back and forth with the parents and teachers and not everyone likes that but those that grasp that strive, a SCVi Facilitator said.

Being so interactive might scare some parents and not everyone is able or willing to go to that next level, Alex said. That might taint the growth process also.

When we have new families join we tell them it will be an adjustment for the child but also for the parents, a SCVi Facilitator said.


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