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Life Leadership | Multi-age classroom at SCVi Charter School

Uploaded 11/03/2014

Multi-age classroom at SCVi Charter School

November 03, 2014

Hosts: Alex Urbina

On today’s show, Host Alex Urbina welcomes and talks with SCVi Charter School facilitators and discusses multi-age classrooms and classes.

 Multi-age classes means that one class that holds half fifth graders and half fourth graders for example. There are multiple ages in the class and helps others succeed where they need to.

 With multi-age classes we are allow and better equipped to focus on each learner/student and that only propels them to excel further and faster, a SCVi facilitator said.

 There are issues with multi-age classes that parents bring up or are worried about. One is that the older learners do not get enough of a challenge or are getting held back in way, but that is just not true.

 One great thing that comes out of this style of classroom is that the older kids do help and mentor the younger ones and “true learning” takes place. True learning is being able to not only learn something but learn how to teach it and firmly grasp the concept.

 Many people can know something and have the information in their brain but haven’t said it out loud or told someone else, it can just be in their and forgotten or just knowledge and never be used, Alex said.

 This concept of having the kids group together is more than academic but social and get the kids talking and out of their comfort zone and just push to a breakthrough.

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