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Living History Festival at Rancho Camulos

Living History Festival at Rancho Camulos

Uploaded 11/08/2014

Local history came to life Saturday as the Rancho Camulos Museum held a free Living History Festival.

Located 10 miles down Highway 126 from Interstate 5, the rancho was the home of the Del Valle family, who owned half of the Santa Clarita Valley in the mid-1800.

Museum docents gave tours of the Del Valles’ 1853 adobe home and donned traditional garb to portray characters from the Del Valle period, including author Helen Hunt Jackson, who penned her influential 1884 novel “Ramona” after visiting the archetypal Spanish rancho.

Among the hands-on activities for children were adobe brick making, old-time clothes washing, roping and tortilla rolling.

Inside the 1930 schoolhouse, built by the ranch’s second owner, August Rubel – whose heirs still own the property – guests could see the 1910 D.W. Griffith film version of “Ramona” starring Mary Pickford. Saturday night, the ranch hosted a ticketed viewing of a newly discovered 1928 version of the film starring Dolores del Rio.

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6 Comments for Rancho Camulos: Living History Festival at Rancho Camulos
  1. Marie Wren says:

    Thanks so much for the great coverage yesterday and your continued support and sponsorship of events at Camulos. This is a great place to introduce both children and adults to Early California History and have fun too. Docent Class 2001

  2. I can’t get the photo gallery to load :-(

    • ??? After you follow the link (, you should be able to click on any one of the photos at right to flip through them all. NOT the top (banner-type) photo, but all of the others at right.

    • It would say “loading” and just hang. I tried from several devices (phone, ipad and PC). Later the next day it finally worked. Not sure what the problem was. Looks like I wasn’t the only one ;-) I wasn’t able to attend the event and hoped to see pics of my Dad. Thank you for your hard work!

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