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College of the Canyons | Simi Dabah Sculpture Collection

Uploaded 11/08/2014

Simi Dabah Sculpture Collection

November 6, 2014

The Santa Clarita Community College District Board of Trustees and College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook hosted a special dedication ceremony to officially unveil the new Simi Dabah Sculpture Collection at College of the Canyons on Nov. 6, 2014.

In summer 2014, college officials began installing a series of welded steel sculptures as part of a campus beautification project at both the Valencia and Canyon Country campuses.

Each of the sculptures has been created by Southern California based artists Simi Dabah, and generously donated to the college for permanent installation. Welded from pieces of industrial scrap metal, Dabah’s sculptures have been praised for being both friendly to the environment and inspirational to the viewer.


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