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KHTS AM-1220 | Marijuana and Youth Culture and New Drug Laws

Uploaded 11/10/2014

Marijuana and Youth Culture and New Drug Laws

November 10. 2014

Hosts: Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits of Action
Guests: None

The newest episode of ACTION Family Counseling’s radio program, Families In Action was a whirlwind hour-long expose into the world of drug recovery, local Santa Clarita facts, and domestic issues concerning drug culture. For example, Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits originally planned to talk about some of the new laws passed from the recent election when Cary received a chilling text message that took precedence. The family of a successfully rehabilitated young man had just informed Cary, that this man was murdered by some of the people whom he had abandoned while getting sober. Cary wanted to stress the importance this individual’s death, because it illustrates how violent and how deep, drug culture can extend. Especially when gangs and other illegal activity become involved. The radio duo next began to talk about the passed Proposition 47. The new law would now classify several felony crimes as misdemeanors, in an attempt to save California somewhere between 150 – 250 million dollars a year. Some of the crimes include, but are not limited to, carrying small amounts of drugs and petty theft. Cary notes how dangerous this is, letting people walk away nearly unaffected by law enforcement after being caught with drugs. There is no motivation to get any help when not even the police can detain those who sell or use drugs.

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