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SCV NewsBreak | Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Uploaded 11/11/2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hundreds gathered at Veteran’s Historical Plaza in Newhall for a Veterans Day ceremony that’s become a Santa Clarita tradition.

Four potential candidates have applied to fill a vacant seat on the Saugus Union School District governing board.

A Valencia man and leader of the Armenian Power gang has been convicted of 57 counts of extortion, bank fraud and a sophisticated credit and debit card skimming scheme.

The SCV Boys and Girls club is set to receive about $22,000 to help fund sports programs.

In sports, the first round of the CIF Southern Section West Valley Division playoffs will happen this Friday, and for league-champion Valencia, they have drawn the Rancho Cucamonga Cougars.

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4 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
  1. Your veterans day post still gets no likes or attention. Would you like me to give you some information about many different Armenian organizations doing good deeds for our Veterans?? Maybe you can get more likes/shares/comments who cares if they still will be full of racism definitely you don’t.

  2. Veterans day post gets 14 likes and a poor comment. A post about an individual who committed crimes and happens to be an Armenian gets over 130 likes and dozens of comments most full of racism ! SCVTV you and most of your viewers/listeners are racist. There are Millions of Armenians doing great things all around Los Angeles and you don’t write about it, do you think you have the right to write about an individual who committed crimes and mention that he is Armenian? I understand that your excuse will be “we only report news that we think are important ” and that is why you as a news agency no longer have any credibility for me.

    • Armenian Power (aka the Armenian Mafia) is a major criminal organization. It is its name. If you think that’s somehow racist, tell it either to change its name or to go away.

    • So now I’m being affiliated with the gang? You really think that I can tell them that because I’m Armenian as well? And because I’m Armenian I must have connections with them to be able to tell them to “go away” ??? Shame on you!!! My main concern was the fact that you never wrote about “Good Armenians” and didn’t miss the opportunity to write about a criminal. You are racist and one must be very naive not to understand that.

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