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Uploaded 01/05/2015


On today’s show host Alex Urbina sits down with SCVi Charter School and discuss reflection and what it actually means and how SCVi has embraced the concept and teaching it to the learners/students.

Why do not a lot of people reflection effectively?

One component is that we do not allow ourselves to stop and gives ourselves some me time, Alex said. I think about the mom that is always going, tending to the kids, working always on the go and never getting that turn down time.

Also, I see people are always distracted or busy and feel like they are growing but some of the best growing is when you stop and just think and not do anything physical but mental.

With SCVi we have personal projects and a big part of that is reflection. We want our students to believe their work is “beautiful”, SCVi facilitator said.

When we tell our learners to reflect about their work and other works it encourages them to step up their game and allowing them to reframe their work and what else or how they can expand on their results.

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