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SCV NewsBreak | Saturday, January 17, 2015

Uploaded 01/17/2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Many remember the early morning hours of January 17, 1994.  Lives were changed, and it was a moment Los Angeles County residents will never forget.

At 4:31 a.m, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit.  It was centered in Reseda but felt as far away as Las Vegas. It was the largest ground acceleration event ever recorded in North America.

The quake only lasted 10 to 20 seconds, but the shaking was severe enough to collapse the 5 and 14 freeway in the Newhall Pass.

57 people lost their lives and over 5,000 were injured.

Santa Clarita was the third worst city hit in terms of damage.  According to the city, losses totaled $430 million, and two people were killed.

After the quake, Santa Clarita’s power, water and gas were cut off.  Many residents had to band together.

City Hall was deemed unsafe, so emergency operations had to be run out of a “tent city hall” in the building’s east parking lot until the building could be repaired.

The 5 and 14 freeways suffered some of the most serious damage.

Interstate 5’s bridges over the Old Road partially collapsed, stranding several motorists on the precarious remains.

Several vehicles fell as the southbound transition of the State Route 14 bridge collapsed onto the 5 freeway below.

One of those vehicles was the motorcycle LAPD officer Clarence W. Dean was riding. The rebuilt overpass is now named in his honor.

Today construction codes and permits have been upgraded to make structures safer in the event of another major quake.

People in the Santa Clarita Valley have also come together to make sure if another disaster strikes we will be better prepared.

The all-volunteer Santa Clarita Disaster Coalition was formed after the quake to provide additional assistance during crisis situations.

The city has an alternate emergency operations center at its new transit maintenance facility with phones, data ports and wifi.

Santa Clarita also has a new wifi system in Central Park which will support any emergency operations that may be staged there.

The San Andreas Fault runs through the northern part of the Santa Clarita Valley. Another earthquake is inevitable. Take a few moments to create a disaster plan for your family.

Always duck and cover and expect aftershocks, avoid downed power lines and do not drink tap water.

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  1. Shaiela Phillips says:

    Seriously can’t believe first if all that it’s been 21 years! I a16 yr old run away living with my bf and his mom in north Hollywood at the time, but my family was at it home in canyon country, I remember being terrified the most over no contact and all of the huge aftershocks that seemed to last for months!! Never want to experience that again!!! Scariest morning and wake up call EVER!!! R.I.P OFFICER…

  2. I slept through the whole thing

  3. What a day that was! Thank God for King’s Holiday! Saved a LOT of lives! including my brother’s.

  4. Thank you Clarence Dean for rushing to help others!

  5. Drew’s house in Granada Hills was damaged so badly that they had to move out for several months while repairs went forward. His advice to all — keep lots of cash in a safe place. ATMs did not work nor did gas pumps or cash registers as there was no electricity. You had to have cash to pay for everything.

  6. Yes I remember that day very well

  7. Larry Mead Larry Mead says:

    Every day I pass by, I remember the lives lost, especially LAPD Officer, Clarence Wayne Dean. God bless him, his family and all the families who lost loved ones.

  8. I work with a girl who said that was her dad?

  9. I was Engaged to be married and my now husband and I were thrown out of bed and only by the Grace of God, we were thrown to the window side of the bed instead of the other side, because we would have been impaled by sticking up beams. Our building in SHOAKS fell 8 ft into the ground. . We had to be lifted out scratched and bruised! Never again do I want to go through this!

  10. Are we all ready for the next one? Backup supplies? Water, food, med, dog/cat food? We know it will happen let’s be ready. Thanks for the reminder

  11. Dot Bristol Dot Bristol says:

    Yes, I remember . My son was driving down to see us, and was on the 14…he was ok, but we were pretty scared for him .

  12. Dot Bristol Dot Bristol says:

    Yes, I remember . My son was driving down to see us, and was on the 14…he was ok, but we were pretty scared for him .

  13. Dot Bristol Dot Bristol says:

    Yes, I remember . My son was driving down to see us, and was on the 14…he was ok, but we were pretty scared for him .

  14. This happened two days before my 29th birthday. I’ll never forget it.

  15. This happened two days before my 29th birthday. I’ll never forget it.

  16. This happened two days before my 29th birthday. I’ll never forget it.

  17. I remember, I was in Hawaii, My first wife went into false labor, as I was watching the devastation of where I grew up and could not get in contact with any of my friends or family.

  18. Sisi Ram Sisi Ram says:

    Que horrible! Lo recuerdo!

  19. Our family was so lucky that day. If I remember correctly, my brother, Randy, was going to work. He saw that bridge collapse in his rear view morrow!

  20. I was dramatize for a long time..I

  21. Elyse Avella Elyse Avella says:

    Oh yea I remember! Erica L Hauck and I awoke to a sea of glass and a petrified dog!

  22. I remember. Oh, how I remember!

  23. Jenny Koch Jenny Koch says:

    I lived in Canyon Country at the time. Very scarey. It took my husband 3 or more hrs to get to LAX in the weeks that followed. I kept thinking if it could only be normal again. I live in Missouri now,hope theres never another one. God Bless..

  24. Ted Mallory Ted Mallory says:

    Yep. That’s the 210 to Santa Clarita. A CHP officer fell to his death when that collapsed at 4:30 that morning. We lived maybe 5-10 minutes South of there in Sylmar. Glad to be 21years and 2,600 miles away from there.

  25. I was 9 and remembered how terrifying it was. I’m wondering if my kids will experience a quake this big or bigger in their lifetime.

  26. Ted Mallory weren’t you there? I seem to remember you having a personal connection to this

  27. That same bridge went down Feb. 9, 1971 Earthquake

  28. Allen Noeller thank goodness the bridges got fixed huh O_O *gulp*

  29. Eric Ortega Eric Ortega says:

    That was a weird day.

  30. Tim Torsney Tim Torsney says:

    Brenda Torsney Arissa Morgan

  31. I remember that day well. I lived in Simi and worked for an insurance company at the time. I drove the adjusters around for weeks afterwards assessing the damage. It was heartbreaking. We lived outside in tents for at least a week after because of the damage to our homes and the aftershocks. I don’t like being in parking garages after going through that. I can’t believe it’s been 21 years!

  32. Barb Holden Barb Holden says:

    Was afraid to sleep upstairs again for a week! Was a very scary time!

  33. This is where an Officer lost his life. He drove off the overpass after it collapsed. I remember this all so well. This quake was very scary.

  34. This is where an Officer lost his life. He drove off the overpass after it collapsed. I remember this all so well. This quake was very scary.

  35. Jon Dullen Jon Dullen says:

    Why does this footage look so old?

  36. I can’t believe it’s been 21 years I remember that morning while

  37. Doug Buller Doug Buller says:

    I remember this one well and was not the first time this group of overpasses came down. They all came down in 1971 quake. Hopefully they rebuilt these to withstand the next quake which I’am sure is coming. I know these were rebuilt in record time.

  38. I remember him well. He used to show up at the ER I worked at. My favorite story of him was told to me by a buddy of his. He was wearing white tennis shoes to work & his boss said that was unacceptable, regulations said he had to have black shoes. The next day he showed up with his tennis shoes dyed black with shoe polish.

  39. My prayers are going up for you and yours.. GOD WE ASK THAT YOU BE WITH THIS FAMILY IN THEIR TIME OF NEED.. IN JESUS NAME. AMEN….

  40. Was living in the antelope valley. Saw the streets turn to water as the after shocks hit. Southern California was shook to the core. And in the shadows communities were formed. Sad day,

  41. Yep
    Remember it like it was yesterday!

  42. Debbie says:

    Remember that day vividly, was the worst I had ever felt. Was at a friends house in Ventura. The days after were like a movie; no water, electricity or phones. I had a cell phone and was able to call my parents who had just moved to KY. My mom answered with my name and had been watching the tv all morning not knowing if I was ok. She knew we spent a lot of time in Santa Clarita and had plans to be there that evening- but oddly my car broke down wwithout warning (started back up without issue the next day which is erie). That day changed things for a lot of us. I ended up leaving for KY shortly after, but truly miss home.

  43. I can’t forget that day, Carlos Alvaro De Oliveira Jr.

  44. Was in Vegas at the time and felt it strong so knew it was bad in Calif. But thank God my kids were ok and not a lot of damage, but so sad for the loss of life!

  45. Dave Thomas Dave Thomas says:

    Yes – school geography lesson on the California slip plane

  46. Clarence Wayne Dean AKA MAD DOG was the real Dirty Harry, tough as nails but equally fair on the streets, who happened to be a friend of my father, which just happened to get me a get of jail free one late night when our paths met in woodland hills California, me and my friends up to no good leaving a party on foot, Officer Dean recognized my last name, Q&A me about my father and gave me a free pass, I went directly home after that encounter knowing that I was given a break….


  47. Wow I remember my oldest daughter telling me Sunday can u stay home for my 5 th bday Monday jan 17 I said no sweetie . I was home cleaning up for 2 weeks. Never forget that bday . Mom lived Northridge town home destroyed .

  48. Wow can’t believe it’s been that long….

  49. Wow can’t believe it’s been that long….

  50. Remember this day?? Michel Aveline de Oliveira

  51. Remember this day?? Michel Aveline de Oliveira

  52. Penny Loyd Penny Loyd says:

    I remember that day was very sad and scary

  53. Penny Loyd Penny Loyd says:

    I remember that day was very sad and scary

  54. Jason Allen Jason Allen says:

    Was delivering newspapers at the time of the quake. Yes I finished my route since I knew everything would be chaotic for a bit. That hole on Lyons near tempo, there wasn’t any cars in it when I went home, when I went back to check on my other play of employment (pizza hut) there was a truck in it )i’m guessing distracted by all the broken windows etc). DOH!

  55. Jason Allen Jason Allen says:

    Was delivering newspapers at the time of the quake. Yes I finished my route since I knew everything would be chaotic for a bit. That hole on Lyons near tempo, there wasn’t any cars in it when I went home, when I went back to check on my other play of employment (pizza hut) there was a truck in it )i’m guessing distracted by all the broken windows etc). DOH!

  56. my poor mom was in the rehabilitation center recovering from a stroke and i remember hearing it roar…then feeling the ground roll…do you remember Adam Machart Brady Robinson

  57. I just went over that bridge about 10-15 minutes prior to it happening. Coming back from Bakersfield in a tow. Should I have stopped for coffee….. Damn.

  58. Lynda Volpe Lynda Volpe says:

    I remember Sylmar 1971. I was a junior at Canyon HS. My mom and sister were in the 1994 quake. Thank god no injuries. I live in pittsburgh. No phone contact for 24 hours, but had live news to make you worry more.

  59. Remember it well. Changed countless lives.

  60. Remember it well. Changed countless lives.

  61. My daughter was one month old and I was up feeding her. The freeway closure made it difficult for me to visit my parents. I decided to move to a state with less quakes.

  62. Alicia Jeva Alicia Jeva says:

    There’s a sense of solidarity in reading everyone’s stories. We are all connected to each other in some way, because we all experienced it first hand. We were all touched by it or had someone we know touched by it. The good that comes out from bad situations is that it unifies people. It brings them together and brings out goodness to help our fellow man. <3

  63. Alicia Jeva Alicia Jeva says:

    I remember after the earthquake saying that it felt like God had reached down, took hold of our house and started shaking it back and forth. I’ve been in so many other earthquakes, but this one was by far the worst. The other one I really, really hated was right before I moved to AZ. I had just stepped into an elevator (alone) when a decent size (shallow so it felt stronger) quake started. Probably one of the safest places to be with all the reinforcement, but I was terrified! It was the longest elevator ride of my life and the clinking of the cables and banging of the elevator car unnerved me….terrified me. I’m glad to be living in AZ now!!!! :)

  64. Alicia Jeva Alicia Jeva says:

    There are 2 things I remember about this earthquake. The first is that I didn’t wake up to shaking. I was a teenager and woke up to my room turning shades of purple and hearing loud bang noises and a rumbling coming closer and closer. It was the sound of the transformers on the poles blowing as the quake quickly made it’s way towards us. It was just a few seconds but I remember that so clearly and then the awful shaking started and I was so scared. I remember trying to run through my parent’s bedroom and seeing their mirrored closet doors heaving in and out like they were breathing. I couldn’t walk well and there was so much fear. I’ll definitely never forget that day. Scariest moment of my life and my family’s lives. I’m in AZ now where they almost never ever have earthquakes, but I’m always afraid for my family that still lives there and pray that God keeps them safe. <3

  65. Rose Bruno Smith and Heidi Freeman we’ll never forget!

  66. Joshua Perez Joshua Perez says:

    I slept thru this, was woken up by parents and heard the windows trembling. I remember the chaos out in public. I was living in what is now Witnetka.

  67. My daughter was born that day amidst all the aftershocks, tremors, and horrors!

  68. Seeing this photo again hurts my heart.

  69. Ana Gigi Ana Gigi says:

    Very sad to read so many lost their lives. That darn 14 fwy! Scary. Always so much traffic to commute in and out of Valencia. Wish the 14 fwy was built on the other side, somewhere. Too much congestion to and from the N S 5 commute.. !!Ramps too heavy to sustain another big one…

  70. So sorry for those that lost their lives(rest in peace) injuries suffered & those who lost their homes. Such a tragedy.

  71. The day that felt like the earth had opened & was going to swallow us. So scary!!

  72. Bill Price, I think you and I were on the phone when this quake happened!

  73. I remember. It wasn’t as bad in HB where I lived at the time.

  74. I remember going out to the front of the house, seeing all the neighbors gathered and in the distance the fires; very scary.This was our main freeway we used it every day. So sorry Ms Steele.

  75. Me too I felt it. It woke me up.

  76. I also will never forget… set a chain of circumstances that changed my life.

  77. Yep we were in Los Angeles at my mother house because we were leaving to hawaii that morning I will never forget that day

  78. Mike Adams Mike Adams says:

    Working gy shift at Budweiser.

  79. I kinda feel like that was a rapture… i was 2. A baby and i remember it. My family was tell me it was dinosaurs.

  80. I survived the Northridge earthquake.

  81. Jaime Sykes Jaime Sykes says:

    I remember that very well. My mom’s condo was uninhabitable for about a week and I stayed with my boyfriend’s family. Thank you Bonner family for taking me in during that time.

  82. Wow feels like forever ago!

  83. Cecelia Reynoso Happy Birthday!!!

  84. If I hadn’t been sick that day I would of been on the freeway next to Officer Dean. Every morning on my way to LAX we ride side by side, he’d look over and touch his helmet and ride on. I mentally looked for him and the days I didn’t see him I’d wonder if he was sick. I sat at home early that morning able to see the first TV images on our battery TV. I saw the single car on the over ramp and the police hog below. I knew it was morning buddy and I cried for him and his family. Never a spoken words between us but such a big big part of my mornings. I’m glad we have memorialized him forever! ♥️

    • Dean says:

      Christine Martel officer dean was my uncle thank you for sharing your story . It made me smile he was an amazing man.

      • danny says:

        before Wayne Dean went to motors he was a partner of mine working Valley Traffic, he always went by Wayne, he always had the latest gadgets and always was smiling.

  85. Naomi Lodwig Naomi Lodwig says:

    I will never forget this Day.

  86. Geeez; I forgot about the date. Remember it too damn well. Had to take hwy 126 to grimes canyon thru moor park to get to work for about 4 months. Oh what a joy that was….

  87. I’ll never forget that day! Man it was crazy! I was in SF RD. AND ROXFORD

  88. Rodger Howard says:

    Officer Clarence Wayne Dean was an LAPD Officer, NOT a CHP Officer.

  89. To all my players and young people that never witnessed this. We live in a very earthquake prone area and it seems like every 20 years or so the ground builds up the pressure enough have a major one of these. I was a kid when this happened but like many things I remember it like yesterday.

  90. I was 3 mi up the highway. With an 18 month old

    I remember it well.

  91. That day I will never forget.. My husband Henry was on his motorcycle going to work from the AV to Hollywood..He didn’t show up to work and when I heard about the motorcycle going off the bridge I thought it might be him.. At first no one knew is was an Officer.. In fact the Officer passed my husband on his way.. When my husband got almost to the bridge they stopped traffic and made them go park somewhere close for safety.. I didn’t hear from him until after 9 am. In those days we didn’t have cell phones. Most only had pagers..very scary day for me and my son Mike waiting for seemed like forever to hear from Henry.. What a mess we all lived in for months..RIP Officer Clarence Wayne Dean LAPD

  92. Remember well I was in the shower getting ready to go to work

  93. My mom lived in Northridge and I lived in Valencia. It took hours to get to her. We rounded the corner to her place to see the complex on fire. I was so scared I jumped out of the car while it was still moving to run to her place. I round the corner and there she is, sitting in a lawn chair making friends with the firemen. I am so grateful to all that helped, and yes, communities really came together. Hugs to those who lost someone.

  94. Carolyn Witt Carolyn Witt says:

    Yes I remember co-workers in Connecticut asking me if I felt this earthquake in the Bay Area. Hmmm…

  95. It cracked my house in half!

  96. the quake put SCV on the map!!

  97. I remember that frickin qwake well.

  98. Lauren Provost, Tasha Provost have you ever seen this?

  99. I remember! Lived in Burbank a lot of houses lost there chimneys. We lost one of our dogs. Found him a week later at a shelter we had called several times. Couldn’t call work so I foolishly drove the freeway south. Lucky!

  100. I remember this day well, we lived on palmvista and our pool had waves of 4ft.

  101. Wow, I just got the chills. Thank you for posting this photo. He was a dear family friend.

  102. Bill Sekly Bill Sekly says:

    Remember it just like yesterday!!!! Learned 1 good lesson. Never buy a home that is built on FILL DIRT!!!!

  103. Remember very well. Living on Ahart St.

  104. Misty Blue Misty Blue says:

    I just drove it today thinking about it! Eeeeek

  105. Thank goodness that Monday morning was a holiday? Martin Luther King Day, otherwise there would have been many more cars in the fwys at that time. Folks on their way to work. More lives would have been lost. I keep my earthquake kit ready and in a closet near the door. Need to be ready to go it a moments notice.

  106. My mom and I had left So. Cal only the day before- one of our frequent trips to Disneyland. It was a pretty chilling thought to think what one more day could have meant.

  107. I remember this as clear as day. All you can do is be as prepared as possible.

  108. Death come for ALL remember and live for those who passed, prepare yourselves for what no body knows is coming.

  109. Such a tragic day and a day I will never forget!

  110. K fuerte fue ese bailongo

  111. I’m so sorry. Our office manager lived at Northridge Meadows, she came to work a few weeks later a changed person. We all were, but your loss is particularly shattering. I wish you the best Andrea.

  112. Joe Gallego Joe Gallego says:

    I flew in for the Namm show on the 18th, saw the aftermath and felt the aftershocks. Horrible feeling

  113. Doug Pearson Doug Pearson says:

    I just dropped this girl off at lax and she was in the air on the way back to Australia. The whole time she was here she was freaking out that there would be an earthquake to the point that it was annoying. We drove over most of the bridges just hours before it hit when I got home to canyon country. She won’t be back.

  114. I was living in Agua dulce at the time , I will never forget this day, and God bless all of those who lost loved ones

  115. I was in Chatsworth. 4 miles from epicenter. I woke up in the air 4 feet above my bed i thought a rocket-dyne engine blow up. The house was tweaked so bad we couldnt open the front-door….

  116. I remember it well…not looking forward to any more either!

  117. This should also remind people to PREPARE!

  118. Let’s hope our government takes the reality of a future BIG quake seriously and spends the funds on early warning systems, and mandatory retrofitting of buildings that are at greatest risk. Yes, it costs money but it will save lives and is worth it.

  119. Boy I remember it but just rolled over and went back to sleep

  120. Feb 9 1971 was worse :(

  121. We will never forget this.

  122. RIP Clarence Wayne Dean

  123. Been there, lived that!

  124. I remember it so well. That earthquake was something else.

  125. I remember that day so well. I was 8 years old, my younger brother was 2 (Now 23) was fast asleep with my parents, my aunt and I shared a trundle bed and she was freaking out and the kitchen was a disaster. Broken glass every where but we stayed calm, made it out of our house and helped our neighbors who weren’t as lucky with their homes

  126. I remember that earth quake

  127. Linda Stephenson says:

    I had just moved and that was the 3rd night we were there my daughter was 5 then. I have never been so frightened as I was that morning. I didn’t even know the neighbors but they came to see if we were ok…..Anytime the ground shakes it takes me right back to that terrified moment!!!!

  128. Worst quake ever! My house was so damaged we had to live in a cabover camper in our driveway for a while till it was fixed and safe to move back in… The camper during the quake was moved 4 feet down my driveway and it was not on wheels.. lol

  129. Moved to Northridge 3 weeks prior! What a welcome!

  130. Frank Duvall Marie Duvall remember this I was just a baby!

  131. I had never seen any of this, I was still in basic training. WOW!

  132. I was living in west la near where the 10 collapsed. We had no structural damage to our town home but no electricity for awhile, no flashlights but heard dressers, bookshelves, breakables falling. It was dark and too dangerous to walk inside our home so I went back to sleep till there was enough daylight to address the mess. I was in high school then.

  133. Glo Ahuatzi Glo Ahuatzi says:

    Our route everyday Michael Pele

  134. Ooh Boy! I remember THIS!! I was living in SCV. Very TERRIFYING!!

  135. Ray Dempsey Ray Dempsey says:

    Lost my house that day had to rebuild. My step-dad died from valley fever related to the quake. A very very sad day

  136. Susan Small Susan Small says:

    It was horrible! Remember it so well. Ken made sure we were ok but then had to go to the emergency operations center. He was in charge of it at that time.

  137. Where The LAPD motorcycle officer lost his life….. Clarence Wayne Dean

  138. Clarence Wayne dean memorial !!!!

  139. Gave me the creeps every time I saw it and worse when I took the old road under it while it was being repaired. Had a fear of being stopped under the overpasses for a long time.

  140. Darin Dwane Darin Dwane says:

    I lived in South Pass. It was crayzy. Hot water piped busted in my apt. Steamy 20 yo carpet was not a good smell! I’m

  141. Lived in Stevenson Ranch. Split our foundation down the middle. Had to live in a hotel with two kids for a month. Will never forget!

  142. Lived in Stevenson Ranch. Split our foundation down the middle. Had to live in a hotel with two kids for a month. Will never forget!

  143. Will never forget it. Geez has it been that long? Sure doesn’t seem like it.

  144. John Miner John Miner says:

    I was working as a L A Paramedic and we were taking people out of Olive View Med. Ctr. As fast as we could.

  145. And hey Missy u must have been like a year old lol

  146. Omg it was devistating

  147. I remember falling on my little 4 yr old butt trying to get out of bed and the panic my mom looking for me haha

  148. Mila Linares Mila Linares says:

    I save for my memories its was bad ah mmm

  149. I remember it like it was Today

  150. Mila Linares Mila Linares says:

    Me gusta Esto Chicas good picture

  151. Lisa Petell Lisa Petell says:

    Lived in Northridge at the time. A terrifying experience that will never be forgotten.

  152. I remember telling my in-laws, that were visiting from Rhode Island, that the train would be going past and that it would be kind of loud. When the earthquake started, my mother-in-law thought it was the train going by.

  153. I remember. Lived up by Ferndale, house rocking & rolling knocking Chad on his ass over & over. Hella ride!

  154. I live in Ok. Now. We have been having a lot of little “tremors” lately. Biggest just over a 4. People think it’s a real quake. I just shake my head. “They Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet.!” I will never forget this site or the times after.

  155. A birthday I will never forget…..

  156. I got called in to work that Friday for an emergency meeting. I taught school in an all bungalow school. At the first after shock I just cried. I kept it together all week for my kids and well the first time away from them I didn’t.

  157. Lived in Castaic… I still speed up driving under freeways… We were mercifully spared damage out there… Where have 20+ years gone??…

  158. Tammy Somers Tammy Somers says:

    Northridge earthquake turns 21 today

  159. Michelle Gillespie I remember always wanting to take the truck route after seeing this.

  160. Clarence was my neighbor ‘s partner. So sad! I was driving on that spot a few hours earlier coming home from a trip. I am feeling blessed to be saved from danger. My youngest child would typicality sneak into our bedroom to sleep and luckily didn’t that night bc the armoire fell over in that spot. Feeling doublily blessed! Then my husband got called into work right then b he worked for the utility company. I was left home with the kids for 5 days with no utilities except for cold water ( grateful for that). Kinda scary at night. Fun times. Grateful to be safe.

  161. Remember it so well. Took us all day to get to Canoga where my mother in law lived. from AV. I think we finally made it going through Angeles forest. Her house was a disaster. Livable but had to rebuild it. Those concrete bricks that she and my father in built it with in the late 40’s early 50’s held up mighty well! Thank God she was ok!

  162. That earthquake was one I will never get over!! I went through it and felling scared and helpless is saying it lightly!! They always say prepare but let me say this there is NO way to do that!!! Never Forget that Morning when my daughter was screaming for help but I could not get off the floor to help her. So sorry for all that lost loved ones.

  163. How well I remember that date! My grandson Jeffrey was almost a month old living up in Lancaster, Ca. With his Mom and Dad when the whole world started shaking! It was one of the scariest earthquakes I had ever been in!

    I wanted to get up to Lancaster to see Elisa and the baby but, we couldn’t take the freeways there so we had to go through the mountains in order to get there what an experience that was!

  164. I remember this day very well

  165. Hans Ramstad Hans Ramstad says:

    I remember this time. My daughter Malin live there this time.

  166. Remembering. Praying. Forever changed SFV’s landscape. And lives of every frontline worker and all those who witnessed quakes power. Heart and prayers with those who lost loved ones. I worked on frontlines of emergency response for Northridge. Never will forget.

  167. James Rock James Rock says:

    Made for interesting commutes to work in Canoga Park!

  168. I use to drive that road every morning!

  169. Ugh me either I lost everything but my family was spared. I was homeless with 2 kids for 3 weeks till I could move our hone was red tagged I was leasing a condo in Calabasas.

  170. Cindy Garey remember watching them demolish this?

  171. Graham was on the 14 heading that way. He was very lucky it hit before he got there.

  172. That was such a terrible day!

  173. Ron Pruneda Ron Pruneda says:

    Oh just think its yet to come bro

  174. Ana Munoz Ana Munoz says:

    I was celebrating my 1st birthday!

  175. I lived in Wash State at the time, but my family lived here! Luckily they were not hurt, shaken up, but unscathed! I’m glad I missed it b/c I was in the ’71 Sylmar Quake, that was enuff for me!

  176. Paola Lopez Paola Lopez says:

    Our complex was so scary to go that for a week or two we slept in our cars at the park me and my two little siblings in the back and cold snuggled in blankets. I remember driving the whole night with my dad.. Streets and cars on fire… Palm trees… Ambulances constantly going everywhere… More tremors as the hours passed. I was scary.

  177. Kevin David Kevin David says:

    I drove right through the picture above not 10 to 15 minutes before it happened.

  178. It was a rude awakening. It is the moment I look back on as the time I realized California was no longer where I wanted to live.

  179. Clark Cook Clark Cook says:

    I was in Newport Beach.

  180. I’m still tramatized by that days events. This was so close to our house we could walk to see it. Changed me forever! Respect the power of our planet!!!

  181. Whoa, freaky… Just saw this pic as we were driving right over the same area!

  182. One of those days you never forget.

  183. I remember that day well. Driving on the 5 and doing that detour though the old road for so long and sometimes waiting hours to get home from the valley to castaic. And also keeping our store open to help people that needed emergency supplies until the sheriff dept shut us down at 4 pm. Valencia doit center was there for the community when it needed it most. Store isn’t there anymore but I am proud to say we helped a lot of people that day and many days to follow.

  184. I was living in the San Fernando Valley and my son was only one month and 2 weeks old , it was horrible

  185. Elsa Rubi Elsa Rubi says:

    And yet some people forget to thank GOD everyday..

  186. That’s my uncle :( can’t believe it’s been so long

  187. I remember it perfect I just graduated from canyon high and left got to AIT and was watching it live on tv and all the phone lines where down and I couldn’t reach anyone it was crazy!

  188. …You Were On The Freeway When That Happened Weren’t You, Daddy-O? John Broers

  189. Matt and Jeanne was this your earthquake? Nicole

  190. Steve Wilson Steve Wilson says:

    Remember it well!!

  191. “4:31 Images of the Los Angeles Earthquake” by the staff of the Los Angeles Times.

  192. Kind of looks like what happened in the February 9, 1971 earthquake which I remember very well.

  193. Joseph Mina Joseph Mina says:

    Always pray to God

  194. Janet Norton Janet Norton says:

    I thought it was “the Big One” and so disappointed it wasn’t. After experiencing ’94, I am totally in fear of what “the Big One” will be like.

  195. Marji Beach Marji Beach says:

    Changed all who worked in Canoga Park. Very scary experience.

  196. Herb Weber Herb Weber says:

    I am so sorry Andrea.

  197. Herb Weber Herb Weber says:

    This can show u what can happen so quick.

  198. Marti Finn Marti Finn says:

    Remember so very well!

  199. Lisa Douglas Lisa Douglas says:

    Rip to the great officer and thank you to everyone who helped that was a scary few weeks

  200. I remember this day, I was pregnant from my younger son very scary.

  201. Cathy Keck Cathy Keck says:

    I remember it well, I’ve seen your dad’s name on the sign and am always wishing your family well.

  202. Lynn Cooley Lynn Cooley says:

    Changed my life in so many ways

  203. Simone Trimm Simone Trimm says:

    It was a horrible day/week that I will never forget! Just horrible!!!!

  204. I had moved away but hear stories from my husband. Pretty scary from what he says. I am happy today that nothing bad happened to him then.

  205. Shenelle Aeriela Trujillo

  206. Adam Fitch Adam Fitch says:

    I remember that day very well, but must say, its sad that, that bridge is dedicated just to the police officer when many others had lost there lifes because of it

    • Many people loose their lives on freeway’s everyday.. It’s the fact that he took action after this earthquake to head to the SFV after it hit & died doing so.. That’s why it’s dedicated to him

  207. Andre Lupica Andre Lupica says:

    “Wait…wait…wait…are you telling me you built a time machine out of a Delorean?”

  208. Think it was 1993 earthquake I just made it to the a v. Thirty minutes before the earthquake after partying all nite in the san Fernando valley.

  209. Dan Kress Dan Kress says:

    Timothy Evans Tyler Evans Trevor Evans ….your Dad was there during this earthquake!

  210. 21 yrs? Remember it like it was yesterday

  211. Cheryl Bomar Cheryl Bomar says:

    It was Michaels birthday too!

  212. I just drove over that section of the bridge minutes before the quake.

  213. Jose Lopez Jose Lopez says:

    Who will never gonna forget that smh my first shake

  214. Wow..terrible day. A lot of lives were changed forever.

  215. Brandon Quincy see! I told you it could happen!

  216. I won’t ever forget that day!! My husband was injured and had to drive him and my 2 kids to the hospital–through an oil slick, through broken water mains, over a partially missing bridge!! Pretty crazy!! My advice–keep water and cash on hand!!

  217. One in the worst moments in our lives!! At canyon country in that 94 quake :(

  218. Bailey Regan Rankins where we go over the hill towards the valley.

  219. Oh yikes! I remember it well!

  220. Bobbie Lopez Bobbie Lopez says:

    My boss at the time is alive because he took a shift for another manager that night. He lived in the Northridge apts where the second floor became the first floor.
    My mom and I had just fallen asleep, we would constantly stay awake late reading. The first thing I heard was a car alarm… I was jumpy about car alarms for about a month afterwards.
    I’m so sorry for those that suffer personal losses !!!
    I’m fortunate that everyone I knew got lucky…

  221. Remembering Simi Valley

  222. Rest in peace officer Dean! Thank you for your service! God bless you!

  223. Dave Goss Dave Goss says:

    I remember my first day back at Placerita Jr High, you had to zig zag in and out of the walkways cause the cover almost fell in certain areas.

  224. Jeff Shorey Jeff Shorey says:

    My uncle and cousin were driving and saw it happen in front of them. They were able to stop in time but did see a few cars go off the side

  225. That’s funny but extremely sad I was only5 and The only memory was helping a fallen tv off my bros legs and remember eating cereal still in a leotard and a snow jacket outside because we couldn’t go in the apartments no more camp plenty lol… Hope we don’t have a repeat

  226. I was 5 and still remember it. My dresser fell right on my sisters bed… Thank god she wasn’t sleeping on her bed that night. I remember my mom and dad unpacking our tent and we slept in the back yard. We took off the water heater and used that along with the water we had in our spa for baths and cooking. My mom and dad and neighbors all where helping each other. It was very scary. It felt like a really bad vacation that lasted way to long.

  227. Debbie Hardy Debbie Hardy says:

    I remember this too, I was visiting my childhood friend in USA with my husband and 3 children and experienced the earthquake and remember the terrible news of the loss of the police officer , RIP

  228. Jason Zoerb Jason Zoerb says:

    Still have the newspaper from that day with this picture as the cover

  229. Yes, I remember this like it was yesterday

  230. How can anyone forget ? I was living at the Meadowridge Apartments complex right on San Fernando road off Hwy 14 . The whole hill must have moved 30 to 40 feet back and forth. We used the BBQ to make coffee and tea for the whole complex 200 apartments plus. Never forget that night. Got to know all my neighbours.

  231. Yes , I remember This like it was yesterday

  232. I remember that morning, I was back from boot camp. I thought my friends were playing a joke by banging their hands on my window. Until I realized my mattress was sliding off the box spring, and my whole room was shaking. Valencia, by Saugus handled the quake well. No major damage in our area…..

  233. I’ll never forget this day.

  234. I remember it well

  235. Very scary and quite disastrous morning, but what I remember most (beyond living in a tent in my front yard) was how the neighborhoods and community came together.

  236. Jamie Lyn Jamie Lyn says:

    Ryan Lowe here’s the photo from the 94 quake when it took down the 14.

  237. Sue Dewinter Sue Dewinter says:

    We are long overdue for another one. This should serve as a reminder to be prepared!

    • I was there. Horrendous experience. But now, We must be very careful of “collective consciousness”. There’s always a tipping point in mass thinking, mass belief, mass willing – as in the Berlin Wall eventually coming down ( a good thing!). Another massive quake ( a bad thing). Think better thoughts …we co-create our reality. Mother Earth gets shaken up by our mistreatment of her….underwater explosive experiments and fracking. Let’s nurture our own little space, our minds and hearts. Quantum physics has come a long way in 11 years.

  238. I was 12 when this Happened, lived in North Hills I was sleeping with my mom and dad. Felt like a train went thru our apartment. Crazy thing is my mom was gonna lay me on the floor but decided to keep me in the bed, and when the quake hit the tv fell in the exact same spot she was gonna put me.

    • Reminds me of the `71 Sylmar quake. When it hit, I tried to get out of bed, but, the shaking threw me back into my bed. I thought we were being bombed! My older brother came to get me and we stood in my doorway until the shaking stopped. When I returned to my room I saw that a very heavy lamp had fallen onto my pillow where I had just been a minute earlier!!!

  239. Lori Hands Lori Hands says:

    I will never forget that one & the Sylmar one in 1971

  240. Mary Jimenez Mary Jimenez says:

    Yes i remember this day like it was yesterday still very vivid in my mind thought it was the end of the world. Hope we dont have another anytime soon.

  241. What a devastating event in Newhall/Valencia. I was a college freshman having graduated from Hart High 7 months earlier Class of ’93 still living at our home on Wiley Cyn SO badly damaged it had to be rebuilt. I witnessed neighbors helping one another like never before. #BEprepared #water #food #meds #FAMILYplan

  242. I’ll never forget!

  243. I lived in Northridge. Broke my nose trying to get under my desk half asleep in the dark: forgot chair was there. Lol. Didn’t even realize nose had been bleeding for about 10 minutes. When the sun came out, I headed to Canyon Country to see if my girlfriend was ok. Took 6 hours on The Old Road. Funny thing was no car would go under any overpass till they could speed past it on the other side. So in bumper to bumper traffic, underpasses were wide open. Lol. When I got there, my now X complained why it took me so long. Lol

  244. Lots of memories about this day. Not good ones, for sure. But it could have been worse. I live to tell about it. Wow! 20 years! Where did the time go?!

  245. K, I really didn’t need to see that picture!

  246. Chris Gordon Chris Gordon says:

    Will never forget. It was crazy

  247. I will never forget that day. Surreal. So sorry for those who lost their lives.

  248. Can’t believe it’s been 21 years…

  249. Fatin Sako Fatin Sako says:

    I remember this day so clearly.

  250. I do this was scary time,thought it was end of world

  251. I remember this day as if it were yesterday! I was 16 years old.

  252. Remember it like it was yesterday :(

  253. I’ve been through all the CA quakes since the one in 1971 and the one in 94 was the scariest. I’m so glad I’m living in OR now. Haven’t even felt a tremor in 10 years

  254. Ed Halterman Ed Halterman says:

    Yes, I just moved back to LA after serving in the Army and I woulda been at that interchange at that time as my new job was in Burbank but it was a holiday so I stayed home. Was no picnic in tres robles condos either.

  255. Veronika FavelaXTina Cat

  256. As a ten year old it was still to this day the scariest time of my life. I’ve never forgotten and changed the way I live forever. I’m always prepared now, well as much as I can be.

  257. Josh Reyes Josh Reyes says:

    This was a rough time.

  258. Rita Yaghi Rita Yaghi says:

    We were there it was a very scary morning .

  259. Such a tragic event, RIP Clarence Wayne Dean LAPD motor officer.

  260. I lived off Sand Canyon at the time. My husband was on his way to work at 4:30 AM and came upon a flashing light on the wrong side of the freeway warning people of the 5 fwy vs. the 14 fwy. collapse!!!! Later the officer on motorcycle went off the edge. Tragic ! I’ll never forget it!!

  261. Hey when did the northrige earthquakes happen?? When i a toddler i remembered an big earthquake and i live in pacoima

  262. I was almost 3 years old when this happen. Don’t remember much but I hope Santa Clarita area does not get hit this bad again. Love the beauty of this place

  263. Linda Spunt says:

    Our house was Yellow Tagged and we stood in line for bread and water at the Lucky Market on Bouquet Canyon Road.We cooked our meals on a charcoal BBQ in the center of our Cul~de~sac with seven other families and four of us were single mom’s with children. Thank you Ron Rollins, Rest~In~Peace for helping all of us during that time.

  264. I was 5 and my mom was very preggo with my lil bro! It was the scariest thing I ever been thru! My bed broke and as I slide down to the bottom my dresser almost crashed down on top of me! I was screaming and crying… My mom (belly and all) rushed in so fast to get me she broke her toe! Everything got knocked over, things fell off the wall, and out kitchen was a danger zone! We ran out side when the shaking stopped. After we got outside I realized I forgot my doll and in fear for his life my father went off to be the hero and found him for me! Frantic phones calls to find loved ones and horror stories of other families that I knew! It was absolutely horrible! I’m ready for the next one… Are you?!?

  265. Seems like yesterday. A terrifying day.

  266. I was 13 I remember ur dad every morning Andrea

  267. I could have been on this that morning. Thanks to mlk day many lives were saved. My fam and I just moved. Unfortunately the officer we saw driving by us at 4am in the morning was the one who perished

  268. That earthquake took the life of my dad….. rest in peace…. I miss you

  269. Clarence Wayne Dean LAPD motor officer killed when he drove off the end of the freeway bridge that had collapsed. His name is on the interchange. He was rushing back to the San Fernando Valley after the earthquake hit. I remember that day well.

  270. Gary Mason Gary Mason says:

    Born and raised since 78 and that was by far the worst I experienced.

  271. Dar Jones Dar Jones says:

    Kassy DeStefano

  272. Ohhh I remember that day and the three that followed!

  273. Sarah Storr Sarah Storr says:

    Omg I remember this

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