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Pentagon News | Security in Space; Coast Guard Rescues 3; Tax Tips

Uploaded 02/06/2015

Security in Space; Coast Guard Rescues 3; Tax Tips

STRATCOM Commander ADM Cecil Haney raises concerns over security in space, the Coast Guard rescues three burned mariners off the Oregon coast and tax tips from Military OneSource.

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1 Comment for Pentagon News: Security in Space; Coast Guard Rescues 3; Tax Tips
  1. Clint says:

    to some people; eplceialsy the part when I questioned why Americans were so surprised if in some sort of way they had it coming. Cruel, isn’t it?I don’t think it was cruel. Your average American has very little knowledge let alone understanding of international issues. Rarely do they attempt to see things through the eyes of other nations. They have little or no clue of the actions taken by the U.S. government and how they affect the lives of other people in other nations.And they have an extremely limited attention span.We’ve been sowing the kind of backlash we got on 9/11 for decades. It’s not cruel to say that. To say we had it coming is not the same as to say we deserved it. We didn’t deserve it but deserves have nothing to do with it. We can be blissfully unaware of what the U.S. government does to other nations and other peoples in our name. But we don’t get to choose how they decide to respond when they feel they’ve had enough.

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