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SCV NewsBreak | Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Uploaded 02/10/2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The District Attorney’s Office formally charged a Canyon Country woman with murder and attempted murder early Tuesday.

February is teen dating violence awareness month and the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita is doing its part to help.

Faculty members and alumni of the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia took him home awards at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

The City of Santa Clarita is recruiting volunteers to assist with the 2015 Amgen Tour of California.

The Castaic Animal Shelter is having a Valentine’s Day adoption promotion from February 13th to 15th.

Plus the weather report for this week.

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27 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: Tuesday, February 10, 2015
  1. Tavita Fisher says:

    Yes, this story comes at a huge shock for everybody who knows her! We just have to keep her in our thoughts and prayers and keep in mind that she needs help and moral support especially from the people she went to school with! Nobody is perfect and we all go through rough patches in our lives!

  2. Leroy Leon did she go to JC?

  3. Leroy Leon Leroy Leon says:

    Roger Gonzalez crazy huh

  4. Leroy Leon Leroy Leon says:

    Roger Gonzalez crazy huh

  5. I understand that mentally ill part. But to shoot both n 1 in the head. That’s a tough one

  6. Praying for your family


    Please help, the victim johnnie deserves a proper service.

  8. Jonathan Eliseo Orenos Blandon did you know her? Is this girl the same of the DJs we made at Newhall?

  9. Ron Holcomb Ron Holcomb says:

    I’m still in shock

  10. This is why we should lock up our loonies like other countries do.

  11. @ Jason fox you are one stupid individual she has an illness they should shoot you in the head when she wasn’t ill she a was a loving caring beautiful girl you don’t judge people by their mistakes and illnesses

  12. Elva Durazo Elva Durazo says:

    Mental health illness is real… And it will affect everyone around the person, unfortunately ….as it seems it has with this sad case! I pray for everyone involved.

  13. Jason Fox Jason Fox says:

    Shoot her in the fun f’ing head

    • Anonymous says:

      @Jason fox you are one stupid individual she has an illness they ought to shoot you in the head was a beautiful loving person when she wasn’t I’ll dumb ass people shouldn’t judge

  14. Brian Schulz Brian Schulz says:

    If she has a mental problem she doesn’t deserve prison. Put her in a mental hospital for help instead of just letting her rot away and possibly get worse

  15. Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

    Not the haircut, but the shiny blank stare is a clue

  16. Johnny Valle Johnny Valle says:

    Jessica Razo Contreras

  17. Silvie Faust Silvie Faust says:

    She does look it.

  18. Chris Dunne Chris Dunne says:

    Why did you create this 2010 vs 2013 photo? Is the fact that she shaved her head supposed to prove that she’s mentally ill?

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