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SCV Arts & Entertainment | Episode 40 | Martha Theus & Ron Husband

Uploaded 02/12/2015

Episode 40 | Martha Theus & Ron Husband

Learn how Martha Theus is helping people get healthy by eating healthy Veggie Soul Food. Ā Plus, retired Disney Animator Ron Husband talks about how his quick sketch books helped open the door to aĀ four-decade-long, trailblazingĀ careerĀ in animation.

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2 Comments for SCV Arts & Entertainment: Episode 40 | Martha Theus & Ron Husband
  1. Ron Husband says:

    Gloria was well prepared with informative questions and made me feel completely at ease throughout the interview. Her interviewing skills brought out the best in me.

  2. Martha says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this important message! I had a great time and I love the studio! It was also a pleasure and an honor meeting Ron Husband. Thank you Gloria and SCVTV for making this happen!

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