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SCV Arts & Entertainment | Episode 40 | Martha Theus & Ron Husband

Uploaded 02/12/2015

Episode 40 | Martha Theus & Ron Husband

Learn how Martha Theus is helping people get healthy by eating healthy Veggie Soul Food.  Plus, retired Disney Animator Ron Husband talks about how his quick sketch books helped open the door to a four-decade-long, trailblazing career in animation.

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2 Comments for SCV Arts & Entertainment: Episode 40 | Martha Theus & Ron Husband
  1. Ron Husband says:

    Gloria was well prepared with informative questions and made me feel completely at ease throughout the interview. Her interviewing skills brought out the best in me.

  2. Martha says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this important message! I had a great time and I love the studio! It was also a pleasure and an honor meeting Ron Husband. Thank you Gloria and SCVTV for making this happen!

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