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Around Town | 2015 Santa Colorita Run

Uploaded 02/16/2015

2015 Santa Colorita Run

Video by Oscar Rogel


©2015 SCVTV
7 Comments for Around Town: 2015 Santa Colorita Run
  1. Julie Escat Julie Escat says:

    Is that a firefighter with oxygen in the upper left corner? too funny…

  2. Julie Escat Julie Escat says:

    Another fun run!!!! Highly recommend for next year everyone!!!!

  3. Alexis Briano haha front and center!

  4. haha my duck and cover worked :)

  5. We’re on SCVTV…..Nancy Fernandez Murachanian Richard Dulaney Jennifer Craft Renolds Jinny Walter Nicole BetanCourt Kristen Carlsen Wendy Nelson Wasson

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