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Around Town | Local Girl Takes On Wild Horse Challenge

Uploaded 03/31/2015

Local Girl Takes On Wild Horse Challenge

Rio Foelster is not your average 12-year-old.

Foelster has taken on the challenge of training a wild mustang and in only a few weeks will be competing at the 2015 Norco Mustang Makeover Challenge.

Foelster has until May 15 to train Serendipity to go through an obstacle course and though she makes it look easy now, it was not the same on the first day.

She got her first horse, Blaze, last June and now has three horses including the yearling filly she is working with for the challenge.

Foelster hopes to be a horse trainer when she gets older and got the idea to participate in the mustang makeover challenge from her trainer, Joy Weber-McKendrick.

To keep up with Rio’s journey, like her Facebook page here.

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9 Comments for Rio's Mustang : Local Girl Takes On Wild Horse Challenge
  1. Sarah Storr Sarah Storr says:

    That’s awesome!! Amazing little girl!!

  2. Jeremy’s grandfather used to adopt and train wild horses. My dad was on the BLM team that set up the wild horse adoption program in Nevada. If leaving them in the wild means starvation & worse, I think it’s great. Otherwise, let them be wild.

  3. That is so great, happy for her. High five!! :-)

  4. Lisa Dixon Lisa Dixon says:

    Good for you Rio. You will love it!!

  5. My little “mustang challenge”! 16 years after I rescued her! The best horse I’ve ever had! Go Rio!

  6. Kelly Robins Kelly Robins says:

    Mustangs are extremely intelligent horses. I rescued a wild one when I was about this girls age. It’s all about trust with these horses. You go girl!

  7. Jan Grovme Jan Grovme says:


  8. Holy cow! This girl is tough!!

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