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Bowman High School | Bowman Concert Ties Good Choices with Music

Uploaded 06/01/2015

Bowman Concert Ties Good Choices with Music

Story and Video by Brandon Iriarte

A concert with a purpose.

That’s what Bowman High School set out to achieve by inviting a group known as The Whosoevers to perform on their campus last Friday.

Combining a performance by the band, Dose of Adolescence with personal experiences, Bowman students were able to let loose and dance, while also hearing from someone who was able to change his life for the better.

“We felt it was really important for our students to get this experience”, said Bowman High School Assistant Principal Eran Zeevi. “They like to hear from other people, how they crossed their path in life, and how they became successful.”

After performing several songs for the crowd to enjoy The Whosoevers’ cofounder, Ryan Ries, went up on stage and shared his life story with the students; mentioning several phases of his life.

Ries talked about going through continuation school, working with professional skateboarder Chad Muska, addictions with heroine and alcohol, and ended his story by mentioning how he is currently eight years sober.

“Immediately the kids got the sense that he understood what it was like to have challenges in life,” said Bowman Principal Robin Geissler.

Students were able to obtain free DVDs and signed posters from The Whosoevers once the concert was over.

The Whosoevers are a non-profit organization founded in 2009. They performed with Dose of Adolescence at Bowman as part of their Kill the Noise high school tour.

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3 Comments for Bowman High School: Bowman Concert Ties Good Choices with Music
  1. Johnathan G. Sisneros says:

    This is absolutely wonderful to see! I went to Bowman back in the mid 90’s & Artzur, Peggy, Mike & every teacher I had took the time to genuinely care & want to be a positive influence.
    I would like to give my full appreciation & respect to the entire Bowman staff, student body & continuation system!
    JG Sisneros

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just made me want a Bowman special!

  3. Josh Henry Josh Henry says:

    Dam the lunch window havnt seen that in almost 10 years Edward Sanchez

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