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CalArts Wild Beast Concert Series | Americana Currents

Uploaded 06/09/2015

Americana Currents

CalArts, The Wild Beast

MUSIC: Looking to the rich, many-striped veins of American roots and folk music, five up-and-coming 
bands convene at CalArts to forge exciting, often idiosyncratic, new connections between the 
enduring vibrancy of those traditions and contemporary expressions in pop, rock, metal and 
experimental. In their own altogether original ways, the groups bring uncommon musicianship, 
stylistic eloquence, and emotionally resonant, life-worn storytelling as they combine for a can’t-miss outdoor concert—one that places the time-burnished grain of Americana at the forefront of today’s creative musicmaking.

The lineup features:

  • Saint Parade
    Smoky parlor music crafted for the 21st Century as songwriter Jake Faulkner and company bring offbeat postmodern stories and sounds to the jazz ballad and the honky-tonk tune.
  • Brother, Sister
    Ornate, shimmering chamber pop from the collective started by Bobby Halvorson and Laura Anderson draws on progressive folk, French Impressionism, even early Disney film music.
  • The Royal US
    Well-traveled murder ballads, laments and sea shanties meet electronic processing and extended improvisation as Max Kutner, Heather Lockie, et al. place their source material in nervy, white-knuckle soundscapes.
  • Fear for the Dust
    The outfit led by “whispering madman” Antony DiGennaro combines alt-country, doom metal, noise and experimental to build up visceral expressions—from the eerie to the near-apocalyptic.
  • Badlands
    Fronted by Adrian Chi Tenney, the rambunctious punk four-piece blends militantly catchy harmonies with echoes of Hank Williams’ writing chops and Johnny Thunders’ onstage electricity.
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