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Around Town | (WATCH) Valencia High School Named Champs of Annual Burrito Bowl

Uploaded 08/19/2015

(WATCH) Valencia High School Named Champs of Annual Burrito Bowl

[KHTS] -The Valencia High Vikings football team won the sixth annual Burrito Bowl burrito eating competition Tuesday at the Westfield Valencia Town Center.

The Burrito Bowl is an eating competition between the football teams of various Santa Clarita high schools.

Through raffles, as well as the actual eating competition, the Burrito Bowl helps raise tens of thousands of dollars for Santa Clarita high schools.

“Each school has five linemen from the football team that participate in the burrito bowl and they eat a four foot burrito,” said Advisory Board Coordinator Christine Sexton.

Valencia High School Football and Cheer won the event, taking with them a check for $2,000.

“Our advisory board brainstormed ways to help the schools and as real estate agents, we want great schools. This is a way to give back,” said Sexton. “This year we did raffle tickets like last year and we sold approximately 20,000 dollars that gets divided. Each school gets to keep whatever amount of raffle tickets they sold.”

For some of these football players, their competitive spirit is not exclusive to the football field. The Burrito Bowl has become an entirely new competition to clash over.

“I have played football for three years and will be eating the burrito,” said Hart Football player Jason Tolson. “This is my second year participating in the burrito bowl. Last year we got second place by six seconds. Last year Saugus beat us so we have to beat them.”

Football players weren’t the only ones trying to raise money for their programs — cheerleaders from the high schools are also in it to win it.

“The cheerleaders are here to cheer on their schools and they win $300 just for making the most creative banner. So, it’s just another way for them to support their school,” said Sexton.

While most come and participate to raise funds for their school, others simply went for a good time.

“We actually don’t have a banner, but most of the teams have worked on it for a couple of weeks. We have five of our football players competing and were just here to cheer and support them,” said Bella Lopez, a Saugus High School cheerleader.

The event is organized and sponsored once a year by the Santa Clarita Premiere Real Estate Networking Group.

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    Ok iparhoun kai afta alla den einai oloi oi Vretanoi san afsuostta Malia. Antitheta i perisoteroi einai poloi pio politismenoi apoton meso elinara!

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