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Newhall School District | Meet Your Superintendent: Paul Cordeiro

Uploaded 09/09/2015

Meet Your Superintendent: Paul Cordeiro

Newhall School District Superintendent Paul Cordeiro is taking on his new position with hopes to see student success and Common Core implementation.

While he is new to the position of superintendent, Cordeiro is no stranger to the district. He worked for the NSD as the Assistant Superintendent for five years before leaving to serve for 10 years as superintendent of the Carpinteria Unified School District.

Cordeiro has several goals for the 2015-16 year including improvements with arts, sciences and Common Core implementation.

“We are of a philosophy of continuous improvement here,” he said. “Number one this year, is to continue to work forward to implement all these changes in California education.”

Common Core State Standards are being applied, as well as, a new accountability system called the Local Control Accountability Plan.

“(The state) is asking students to apply their learning in a much higher level. They’re asking us to help kids make greater connection of their learning across the curriculum,” Cordeiro said. “ It’s very exciting. But, you know what? It’s different.”

Some of the new changes students and their families can look forward to is a broader science program, new arts building and greater student participation in classes.

Before working at the NSD, Cordeiro worked as a teacher. One of his most memorable moments, and one of the reasons he continues to teach, was an experience while working at the Boyle Heights Second Street School in Los Angeles.

“I had a young lady, her name was Rosario, who came to my class. It was probably three weeks into the school year and Rosario was determined that I was going to let her off the hook and she wasn’t going to do any work, but I wasn’t brought up like that,” Cordeiro said. “I’d stay (after class) with Rosario all year long, holding her responsible for her work. She resisted all year long and, kicking and screaming, did her work. It wasn’t always pleasant. About a year later, I got a letter from Rosario saying ‘Thank you for not giving up on me.’”

The NSD has also hired several new staff members and Cordeiro hopes that his staff embodies similar characteristics — dedication, a passion for kids, a sense of teamwork, knowledge, expertise and a level of resiliency.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing people be successful and seeing that a lot of different elements of leadership went into making that,” he said, adding that the hardest part of the job is “ related to instances where we find budget issues that cause (us) to lay off and retrench.”

Outside of work Cordeiro enjoys cooking, gardening and fitness.

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