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Around Town | Delays Continue to Haunt Vasquez Canyon Commuters

Uploaded 04/01/2016

Delays Continue to Haunt Vasquez Canyon Commuters

Vasquez Canyon Road is going to stay closed for a while longer.

Video by Noemi Barajas 

(c) SCVTV 2016
33 Comments for Vasquez Canyon Road : Delays Continue to Haunt Vasquez Canyon Commuters
  1. Nadiya Littlewarrior says:

    Hummmmmmm. Is this amother Closed private road op for the residents? ie: Placerita Canyon?

  2. Jessica John 😩

  3. Lance Iliev Lance Iliev says:

    I have an idea: How about they move the hill so that it’s no longer causing a landslide, and then they remake the road.

  4. Ann Hustis Ann Hustis says:

    Keep it closed for ever

  5. We need this road so bad! The traffic on Soledad has become terrible! Why aren’t they doing something? What we pay in taxes should have already been open by now! No road but a lot of new homes being build but no new roads!!

  6. They have had money in an account to widen vasquez canyon road for 5 years

  7. Yaeko Tsuboi Yaeko Tsuboi says:

    I love to drive tthis roag. too bad this happen. :'(

  8. Nick Mullen Nick Mullen says:

    Where is kevin bacon when you need him?

  9. Lexy Hnz Lexy Hnz says:

    I want the old cross valley connector back! To Sierra Hwy & Fwy.

  10. Its so nice to live on a quiet street.

  11. What’s that guy doing in the picture, trying to hold back the buckling! lol!

  12. John Kooy John Kooy says:

    Was recently there on my KTM, pavement double jumps.

  13. Josh Larson Josh Larson says:

    Well I’m not seeing a “delay” in my tax rate. Fix the road already.

  14. Chris Kasten Chris Kasten says:

    It can stay closed. Loving the lack of traffic.

  15. Keith Dill Keith Dill says:

    Doubt that will ever open again!

  16. Jimmy Grise Jimmy Grise says:

    Laura Hernandez

  17. Wow I figured it was going to take a while if at all. 😕 I live back by Vasquez, but feel for the people that have to commute.

  18. Linda Durst Linda Durst says:

    Probably because the county doesn’t want to put the money out to advance it.

    • This is a ton of damage. Not only will they have to remove all the bad road and dispose of it, they’ll have to cut a new road and fresh pave/cure it. It would do the county better to just leave it and wait to ensure the underground slide is actually done, which could in theory be a long time. To blame it on money without taking the expenses required into consideration is pretty short sighted honestly. This will likely be closed for many years to come I would think, not really worth the expense, especially if the geological event isn’t finished happening yet… get used to not using this route for a long time. (A little background, my work commute went from an 1.25hrs to just about 2 because of this, so trust me I feel your pain lol)

    • Plans are to make copper hill go they to sand canton

    • The County would fix it if it wasn’t private property that caused it. The mountain that collapsed belongs to a homeowner so they cannot just fix something that isn’t the county’s. Call Mike Antonovichs office to voice your concern they are taking all calls on this matter.

    • Ha ha so this is why mike couldn’t build lol

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