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Around Town | SCV Stoplights Go Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue

Uploaded 05/06/2016

SCV Stoplights Go Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue

Some stoplights around Santa Clarita have an extra little something on them: a little blue light on the back of the stoplight.

While they are small and unnoticeable for the most part, SCV traffic is supposed to be safer because of them.

We asked SCV residents if they’ve seen them and also found out exactly what these little blue lights are meant to do.

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6 Comments for Around Town: SCV Stoplights Go Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue
  1. Debbie says:

    I always hesitate a tiny amount of time on Pleasantdale, when crossing Whites Canyon. That hesitation saved our life a couple of weeks ago. We were about to crossover into what would be incoming traffic when a car zoomed past my daughter and I. That hesitation saved hers and most likely my life. This wasn’t an it’s yellow so I’ll step on the gas type of run through the light. On his end the light had been red for several seconds. If people don’t pay attention to regular traffic laws, they won’t pay attention to anything additional either.

  2. Hardin Rich says:

    Another way of making money in the so-called name of “safety.” Worse yet, we’ll have another distracted driver, any officer who is driving and looking for that (as well as every thing else) is not concentrating on the road.

  3. Richard Trimble says:

    That’s great. Now if we actually had it officers to enforce it. Two motor cops won’t hack it.

  4. Cali Kid says:

    Invasion of Privacy? How is driving on a public street and blowing through a red light an invasion of privacy? That was a well thought out answer. You can put hundreds of little lights up, reinstall the camera’s and have an officer positioned on the corner and you still going to get those morons running through the light and putting others at risk because all they care about is their own personal agenda and self entitlement.

  5. Crystal Anne Crystal Anne says:

    Doesn’t stop the other idiots on the road. Saw someone pull a u-turn (where it was clearly marked no u-turn) going so fast they spun. In the rain no less.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a waste of money just another way to create revenue for the city joke

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